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We are pleased to announce that the opening day of Tanztage 2018 in Berlin, on 4 January at 8.30 pm in Sophiensaele Marta Ziółek, Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka will present their piece So Emotional, created as part of the Dance Activism. Spaces of Choreography curatorial programme at Nowy Theatre in Warsaw. The programme was curated by Maria Stokłosa/Magdalena Ptasznik/Eleonora Zdebiak. So Emotional will also be presented on 5 January 2018.


This year Tanztage Berlin is teaming up with the Young Choreographers Festival from Athens. Two pieces by Greek artists will be presented and working conditions discussed. The organizers are inviting you and yours to kick off the new year with a dance marathon comprised of seven premieres and seven guest performances which have never before been shown in Berlin. 


So emotional inspects the capacity of the body for action and defiance, its individual and collective transformations, while also applying choreographic tools to probe theatre. The artists populate landscapes of ecstasy and despair, rage and fear, using the emancipating potential of movement to dissect them. Overloaded emotional forms circulate on and outside of the web, shaping the surfaces of our bodies and identities. Theatre is an ?emotional machine? that produces and propels affects, feelings, and moods. If the body is a battlefield, and affect is a new front of political struggle, how can we prepare for it?


The performance will be presented on 23-24 January in the Nowy Theatre.






concept: Przemek Kamiński, Mateusz Szymanówka, Marta Ziółek
choreography and performance: Przemek Kamiński, Marta Ziółek
dramaturgy: Mateusz Szymanówka
music: Lubomir Grzelak
lighting design: Aleksandr Prowaliński
video: Katarzyna Borelowska
photography: Katarzyna Szugajew
produced by: Nowy Theatre

The performance is supported by the Visegrad Artist Residency Programme ? Performing Arts, art quarter budapest, and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.


Przemek Kamiński is a performer and choreographer. He graduated in Dance, Context and Choreography from the HZT Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. His scope of work includes performing and visual arts. He is interested in choreography as an extensive practice spanning a variety of formats and media. As a dancer, he regularly co-operates with the Berlin-based choreographer Isabelle Schad.


Mateusz Szymanówka is a dramaturgue and curator. He deals with contemporary performance, dance and choreography. He studied cultural studies, theatrology and dance studies in Warsaw and Berlin. As a curator, he implemented a number of projects and programmes for the Studio Theatre in Warsaw (Dance Studio Stage, 2016), Jan Tarasin Gallery in Kalisz (Back to the future, 2016), Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź (Systems of reference. Choreography at the Museum exhibition, together with Katarzyna Słoboda, 2016).


Marta Ziółek is a choreographer and performer. Before she began her study of choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam, she was a student of an inter-faculty humanities programme at the University of Warsaw. She received the prestigious danceWEB scholarship at ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna and a scholarship from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Her piece Zrób siebie (Make Yourself) was awared the Young Interpretations at the INTERPRETATIONS Festival in Katowice. She is also the co-author (together with Alex Baczyński-Jenkins) of the Kem space in Warsaw. 




Tanztage 2018


With Asaf Aharonson, Youness Atbane + Youness Aboulakoul, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Simone Detig, Lina Gómez, Przemek Kamiński, Mateusz Szymanówka + Marta Ziółek, Ana Laura Lozza + Bárbara Hang, Sara Mikolai, Reza Mirabi + Roland Walter, Emmilou Rößling, Helen Schröder und Die Neue Kompanie, Mey Seifan / Tanween Company, tanzfähig + Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Xenia Taniko 

Guests: Katerina Andreou, Evangelia Kolyra

Artistic Direction: Anna Mülter 

Management: Johanna Withelm

Assistance management: Ece Tufan

Dramatutgical Advice: Thomas Schaupp, Maja Zimmermann


The 27th Tanztage Berlin are produced by SOPHIENS?LE.


Funded by the Senate Chancellery for Culture and Europe.


Supported by Onassis Cultural  Centre-Athens, Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Goethe-Institut Marokko, Polnisches Institut Berlin, mapping dance berlin and Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V.


Media partner: taz.die tageszeitung, zitty Berlin.


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