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On Thursday, 9 October (8 pm) the Zamek Culture Centre in Poznań (ul. Św. Marcin 80/82) will host the premiere of Sanatorium choreographed by Karina Adamczak-Kasprzak and Agata Ambrozińska-Rachuta. The soloists of the Polish Dance Theatre have joint forces again to create a choreographic rendition of a work from Polish literary canon. Coming after Balladyna inspired by the Romantic poetry of Juliusz Słowacki, Sanatorium draws on Bruno Schulz’s prose, in particular his Sanatorium pod klepsydrą (Sanatorium Under The Sign of the Hourglass) and its film adaptation directed by Wojciech Jerzy Has. Bruno Schulz’s work is a specific literary phenomenon that lends itself perfectly to dance theatre. The clash of the world of Schulz and of movement and dance may give rise to a new interpretation of the writer’s oeuvre. The choreographers approached the topic in an interdisciplinary way, fusing movement, dance, music, and audiovisual artistic means with other visual actions. The movement follows from improvisation and personal predispositions of the artists that joined the project. The whole process took the form of a creative laboratory where individual gestures made by the artists was reflected in the final shape of the piece. Special role is played by multimedia designed by Daniel Stryjecki.


Tickets for the premiere may be bought at the Polish Dance Theatre impresario’s office, box offices of the Zamek Culture Centre, and on:


Ticket price: PLN 40/20




Before the show, on 6:30 pm, Bernadeta Dziekan-Standowicz, a certified speech therapist, will deliver a lecture”Jąkanie można wyleczyć!” (Stammer may be cured!) at the balcony hall of the Zamek Culture Centre.

Admission free


Choreographed and directed by: Karina Adamczak-Kasprzak, Agata Ambrozińska-Rachuta

Costumes: Adriana Cygankiewicz

Video and lighting design: Daniel Stryjecki

Music: Bester Qartet,  Jello  Biafra and No Means No,  Robert R,  Kira Skov,  W. A. Mozart

Lighting: Mariusz Porada, Przemysław Gapczyński

Sound: Zuzanna Majewska, Mateusz Rogaliński

Stage management: Mariola Hendrykowska

Ballet manager: Anna Gruszka

Technical manager: Grzegorz Okupniak

Organisation of production: Katarzyna Anioła



Józef ? Artur Bieńkowski

Doctor Gotard, boarder, clerk ? Zbigniew Kocięba

Conductor, boarder, clerk ? Marcin Motyl

Adela, boarder, clerk, nurse ? Agata Ambrozińska-Rachuta

Mother, boarder, clerk, nurse ? Karina Adamczak-Kasprzak

Bianka, boarder, clerk, nurse ? Agnieszka Fertała

Clerk, boarder ? Adrian Radwański

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