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On Friday, 19 October (8 pm), the Excelsior Theater in Bucharest will host a presentation of Iza Szostak?s PRIV, developed in collaboration with the Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gniezno. The presentation will be held as part of the International Theatre Festival ?Fest(in) on the Boulevard.?


The piece will also be presented in Poland outside of the Fredre Theatre?s seat ? the presentation will be held in November as part of the Studio Dance Stage in Warsaw.


About the piece:



PRIV is an experiment on privacy ? extending and negotiating its frontiers. Private, public and digital realms mingle and create a stock of images, sounds, gestures and words. The artists examine how technologies affect our close and distant relations, profiles, privacy settings, identity, physicality, the rules of emotionality.


Blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Snapchat make us dissolve in a gigantic cloud of data recycled by provoking the stage fittings for bodilyy and mental abilities and patterns.


PRIV is a collage structure of six bodies trying to catch up. Six modes of exposure and sensibility exhibited by language, choreography and image.


directror and choreographer: Iza Szostak

dramaturg: Anka Herbut

music: Jakub Słomkowski

scenography, video and costumes: Karolina Mełnicka, Stachu Szumski

lights: Michał Głaszczka

creation and performance: Kamila Banasiak, Maciej Hązła, Magda Jędra, Tatiana Kamieniecka, Jan Niemczyk, Dominik Rybiałek



About the festival:


In 2013 Nottara Theater initiated Fest(in) on the Boulevard, an annual cultural project. The festival has two main sections and several additional sections and activities. The first main section is titled the Comedy Boulevard and it includes Romanian and foreign highly successful comedies. It is hosted by Horia Lovinescu Hall (339 seats), which has specialized in premium comedy, a genre highly appreciated by the audience.


It is the organizers? intention to stay in touch with everyday life; therefore the second main section of the festival focuses on topical issues: a theme a year. This competitive section will be hosted by George Constantin Hall (100 seats). Theater is a vivid art form that has to stay close to the public, addressing familiar matters, which should be both food for thought and recipes for laughter.

Several foreign companies will be invited to present productions that focus on the selected theme of each edition. It is our intention to involve more Romanian and foreign public and private institutions, in an international valuable and up-to-date program. The festival week also includes colloquia, readings, book launches, street events, and a photo exhibition dedicated to the previous edition.

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