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Some of the most creative young dance and theatre artists from Poland will perform in the Romanian capital in the News from Polska ? dance/theatre/music series. They will take over the stage of the National Center of Dance in Bucharest on the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March. The series will include four performances and will begin with an electronic music concert by Joanna Duda. Barbara Bujakowska will present a performance act ID-ance. Agnieszka Przepiórska and Wioleta Komar will show monodramas I będą święta (And Holidays Will Come) and Diva. The series will end with the presentation of Delfin, który mnie kochał (The Dolphin Who Loved Me) directed by Magdalena Szprecht. The creators and performers are mostly female, as in recent years women have made up the majority of art schools graduates and have often dominated among art contest winners.


?By inviting to Romania the female artists creating the Polish theatre and dance stage, we intend to showcase their artistic interests, creative methods and tools used on stage. With this new project, we are promoting our performative arts practiced by original young artists?, said Agnieszka Skieterska, the head of the Polish Institute in Bucharest, which launched the project.


The pieces selected for the News from Polska ? dance/theatre/music project touch on diverse subjects: childhood memories, reactions of individuals and the nation in the face of disaster, the Holocaust, and human relationships with nature. These topics, frequently appearing in Polish contemporary theatre, are universally important and understandable, and are connected by the questions about personal, artistic, national and human identities.


The presentations in Bucharest will be accompanied by meetings with artists, hosted by theatre critic and series curator Iulia Popovici. The event, held on 26 February?6 March 2016, is organized by the Polish Institute in Bucharest in collaboration with the National Center of Dance ? Bucharest (CNDB).



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