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From 31 March to April 9 20-17, the National Dance Centre in Bucharest will host the News from Polska performing arts festival featuring presentations of some of the most intriguing young Polish artists. This year?s edition is subtitled The Tickler and the Ticklee. The pieces selected for the News from Polska programme by its curator Larisa Crunţeanu, a renowned authority on Polish performance scene, touch upon the notions of identity, transformation, internal dialogue, body formation, and continuous self-structuring. This year?s edition will include presentations of show and performances dramaturgically based on inner speech and its complicated relationship with self- regulatory systems, alongside efference deviations ranging from auditory verbal hallucinations to emulation of the other, alien hand syndrome and divine dialogue.  


The festival will feature presentations of performances, artist talks, workshops, a movie screening, and a concert.


The cycle will be inaugurated by the presentation of Zuzanna Ratajczyk and Eoghan Ryan?s Daughters of Lust, previously presented at Amsterdam?s Veem House for Performance and Warsaw?s performative space Kem. On 1-2 April, the two artists will also hold New Breed Tournament workshops. The upcoming weekend will also feature Ania Nowak?s Offering What We Don?t Have to Those Who Don?t Want It, which has already been presented twice in Warsaw (Studio Dance Stage; Nowy Theatre?s Generation After review). On Monday, 3 April, Ania Nowak will talk about her several-years-long research on the politicality of love (Technologies of Love). 6 April will see a presentation of Piotr Mateusz Wach?s Richard: A Body of Anger, invited by the Polish Institute in Bucharest. On 7-8 April, Marta Ziółek will present her Make Yourself with guest performances by Agnieszka Kryst, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Paweł Sakowicz, Katarzyna Sikora and Robert Wasiewicz. The festival will conclude with a triple bill featuring a presentation of Ramona Nagabczyńska?s pURe, a screening of Karolina Breguła?s  filmThe Tower, and a concert by ZONE-L aka Laura Hunt.


In the Words of the festival?s curator, Larisa Crunt?eanu: ?Developmental psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1934-1987) suggested that inner speech constitutes a form of verbal self regulation that is derived from semiotically mediated exchanges with interlocutors in the social world. Dialogue that originally exists on the interpsychological plane, as an exchange between individuals, is reconstructed on the intrapsychological plane as inner speech or verbal thought. Our thinking is therefore permeated by external voices that we often fail to recognize as belonging to others and try to predict their outcome through efference models.?.


Selection and curatorial concept: Larisa Crunt?eanu
Producer: Polish Institute in Bucharest
Graphic design: Vlad Anghel

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