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This year?s edition of the Festival of New Dramaturgies in Bydgoszcz will be devoted to Europe and theatrical attempts to present both the crises that it is constantly facing and some alternative development paths. It is also aimed at offering some themes different from the present political, economic, social, environmental, cultural and existential projects. ?We have structured this year?s program in such a way as to include performances in all forms and genres, which have one thing in common: they are making an attempt to present the crisis, diagnose and analyze it, bring about and examine its sensual nature. They are considering the conditions and experience of a crisis, its material symptoms, aesthetics and documentation?, say the curators (Paweł Wodziński, Bartek Frąckowiak, Piotr Grzymisławski and Jakub Drzastwa).


Similarly to the previous festival, this year?s programme includes movement and dance performances. The festival?s main theme is most visibly pronounced by two performances: Late Night by Greek Blitz Theatre Group, and the host?s production called Borders, directed by Bartek Frąckowiak and choreographed by Iza Szostak.


In Late Night, the group presents the end of the world in Greek. Blitz Theatre Group dances a surreal waltz of death over the ruins of Europe, brimming with unsophisticated melancholy and a fine sense of humour.  When everything is disintegrating, all you can do is wait for the end while passing the time. Why not with music and dance?  (27 September at 6.00 am).


On the next day, 28 September at 6 pm, Iza Szostak and Paweł Sakowicz present a show featuring two dancers and excavators. In Excavatory Ballet, the subject of study and inspiration are dancers? bodies wearing specific costumes ? excavation machines: three-dimensional and rescaled, standing out of the body, with their own quality, motility and sounds.


The idea behind another performance Borders is based on the concept of ?four-level access control model? applied by EU?s Frontex agency in actions protecting European Union borders.  


Documentaries, ethnographic and sociological articles, refugee maps, various discourses related to migration, mobility, refugees, territory, sovereignty, control, surveillance and borders, as well as paintings and photographs become a starting point for theatre and performative games, helping to explore the most important topic of the current public debate in a non-obvious way. (30 September at 6.00 am).


Descriptions of performance:

Late night

Excavatory Ballet



More about the Festival:

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