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The Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom/Ludwik Solski State Drama School (PWST) in Cracow invites on a new graduation performance directed and choreographed by Janusz Skubaczkowski. The premiere will take place January 4, the next performances will be going on 5 and 6 January.

As if it were meant to last forever(Jakby miało trwać wiecznie) is a sequence of interrelated images, the combination of whatis finite and infinite. The images from various places and times contribute to the continuityof the story made of interrelationships. The chain of events gets tangled and meaningfulto finally fall into the river of all our stories. Life becomes a floating infinity. As the riverchanges directions, so does the performance have changeable energy.It leads through thelands where:

„Swallows paint circles just above the water

The cold blue of lake is a shapely dreamer

The eyes are present, but the mouth is silent

Flute calls the river, breaks the peace and quiet

And your acquaintance with river is nodding

You know it’s of green and it speaks of nothing.”

Marek Grechuta, Landscape with Oriole and People

As if it were meant to last forever (Jakby miało trwać wiecznie) Director andchoreographer: Janusz Skubaczkowski, costumes: Dominika Skaza.Dancers: Bartosz Bandura, Katarzyna Baran, Anna Kasprzak, Lena Kowalska, Aneta Orlik,Karol Pruciak, Jakub Sokołowski, Klaudia Stefanowicz, Paweł Zaufal.

Tickets: 8 PLN.

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