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Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej (W&M Physical Theatre) are pleased to invite everyone to a cyclical Polish showcase presented as part of the Pro Series Festival at the University of Calgary (Canada). The cycle will kick off on Saturday, 13 January 2018 (7 pm) at Matthews Theatre (210 University Ct NW, AB T2N 4V8) with a presentation of Anna Haracz?s The White Resonance and Paweł Urbanowicz?s Meditations.



Meditations is a short dance theatre work created by a Polish artist Paweł Urbanowicz dealing with a question of the value of love and affection in our every day lives. It is a sort of a confession, intimate, auto-ironic, entertainig and touching, sincere but also ambiguous and universal. Its like a journey to the deeps of the ocean where all you can hear is the call of lonelines.


Ah, romantic love
beautiful and intoxicating,
heartbreaking and soul-crushing,
often all at the same time.
Why do we choose to put ourselves through its emotional wringer?
Does love make our lives meaningful,
or is it an escape from our loneliness and suffering?
Is love a disguise for our sexual desire,
or a trick of biology to make us procreate?
Is it all we need?
Do we need it at all?

Constantly Curious, Why do we love?

In the late 1980s some scientists has discovered a whale, which calls at unique frequency of 52 Hz. It appears to be the only individual emitting a call at this frequency. It has been described as ?the world?s loneliest whale?.


Performing: Paweł Urbanowicz
Duration: 20-25 min.


The White Resonance

?When we translate pain, suffering, unpleasant events, current problems, or nagging questions into an artistic language, we often transform them into something beautiful and valuable. The process of creation, whether it involves creating choreography, structuring improvisation, choosing costumes, or arranging dramatic tension, invariably involves mental transformations of events and emotions, feelings, memories that accompany them. Rehearsal after rehearsal, the focus on a given goal or theme transforms into meditative activity. Meditation in turn creates distance between the artist and their subject, enabling to see things anew from afar thanks to the process of change, i.e. transformation.


This is what this solo is about. It is about the transformation of weakness into strength, dysfunction into assets, poverty into abundance…?  


Anna Haracz is the founder of the KINO VARIATINO theatre, independent dancer, choreographer, yoga and meditation teacher. Together with the theatre, she presents her own performances in the Tricity offstage milieu, as well as at theatre and dance festivals in Poland and abroad. So far, Haracz has produced 20 original performances and participated in numerous artistic projects. A graduate of the State College of Animators of Culture and Librarians in Wrocław, she specializes in dance and holds professional dancer qualifications issued by the Polish Association of Stage Artists (ZASP).


Concept, choreography, dance: Anna Haracz

Music: Anna Haracz, tape collage

Costume: Anna Haracz

Production: Maria Muskat DIITA

The premiere will be presented as part of the Trójmiejski Punkt Taneczny [Tricity Dance Pint]


Adults: $21 – Seniors/Students: $16

ProSeries Pass: Adults: $51 – Seniors/Students: $41 
The ProSeries Pass includes all three weekends. Please note that you’ll need to exchange your pass for a ticket at the box office on the night of each performance you would like to attend. Tickets must be claimed at least 15 minutes before the event, or the tickets may be subject to release due to demand.



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