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Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej (W&M Physical Theatre) are pleased to invite everyone to the cycle of Polish presentations held as part of the Pro Series Festival at the University of Calgary (Canada). On 2-3 February (8 pm), Wojciech Mochniej will premiere his auteur choreography WE_SELLE.PL. The artist will be accompanied by Iris Heitzinger (Austria), Laura Henley and Serenella Sol (Canada), Paweł Urbanowicz, Patryk Jarczok and Tomasz Ciesielski (Poland), and five dancers of Calgary.


An unique physical theatre event that takes the audience through the experience of creating and developing this new work. The audience will have the opportunity to hear from the choreographer and creative team, to see the work in sections and to participate in a dialogue responding to the work and its elements. See how lighting, set and video will impact the work, and volunteer to participate as performers (as part of the wedding party) in sections of the piece. WE_SELLE.PL takes as a departure point the Polish political satire The Wedding, reacting to the current political climate in Poland and the repetition of political cycles in Polish life.


The presentation (of the performance) has been made possible thanks to the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. 


Adults: $21 – Seniors/Students: $16

ProSeries Pass: Adults: $51 – Seniors/Students: $41 
The ProSeries Pass includes all three weekends. Please note that you’ll need to exchange your pass for a ticket at the box office on the night of each performance you would like to attend. Tickets must be claimed at least 15 minutes before the event, or the tickets may be subject to release due to demand.




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