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On 2-4 March (8 pm), the DJD Dance Center in Calgary (Canada) will present the world premiere of Uję(Ci) [Framed], a unique duo by Anna Krysiak and Wojciech Mochniej, who reunite on stage after ten years.


 Uję(Ci ) focuses on the presentation of various shades. It shows how we are influenced by dynamically entering roles which are not always evident. The piece looks for understanding in the multidimensionality of a relationship. UJĘ(Ci) also concentrates on the identity of the adult human being in the context of passing time and cycles of maturity, rediscovering wildness, openness to life and partnership. The partners seek contemplate the question of maintainability of a relationship with another person over time, as it assumes different shades and becomes flawed.


The Polish premiere of Uję(Ci) took place as part of the 20th International Dance Theatre Festival in Lublin, and its Polish preview was presented as part of the Studio Dance Stage in November 2016.


For a review of Ujęc(Ci), check out Hanna Raszewska?s text Large scale ? II relacja z XX Międzynarodowych Spotkań Teatrów Tańca w Lublinie.


The latest duo by Anna Krysiak and Wojciech Mochniej, Uję(ci) [Framed], presents a couple torn between two communal paradigms. The costumes refer to urban culture: their neatly fitted suits (The Female Partner wears white, the Male Partner is dressed in black) evokes associations with the proverbial skyscraper office, and yet the characters enter the stage carrying metal buckets rather than customary laptops or binders with documents. Though clean and sparkling new, the buckets are nonetheless attributes of agrarian culture. One of them contains millet, the other are filled with sunflower seeds, water? The couple?s movement is informed by the stark tension between the order of the urban rat race and the necessity to tend to husbandry duties. It quickly turns out it does not matter which reality they ?really? inhabit, since the true source of their problems is not any external pressure but internal stimuli. The Female Partner is compulsively task-oriented and ambitious. She acts quickly and wants to achieve increasingly more challenging goals, putting unbearable pressure on the Male Partner. He is equally engaged in their actions yet more composed and prone to slowing the pace at times. Particularly meaningful is the slow motion scene in which the couple engages in a race with buckets, enrolling as a team due for a confrontation with invisible competition. One can tell that, despite the insanely hectic lives they have chosen, the characters support each other, and the relationship between them is strong enough to carry them through the seemingly endless rush of daily chores. Amidst the quick and strong movement, the sudden changes of direction, the manifold partner scenes, they each come to their senses once in a while, as if reminding themselves that snuggling up is equally important as refilling the bucket.


In Polish HERE





Artistic director: Melissa Monteros

Lighting design: Steve Isom, Wojciech Mochniej 

Lighting: Ewa Garniec

Company: W&M Physical Theatre

Starring: Anna Krysiak, Wojciech Mochniej

Duration: 50 minutes

Preview: 3 November 2016, Calgary

Polish preview: 8 November 2016, Warsaw (as part of the Studio Dance Stage)

Polish Premiere: 12 November, 20th International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin

World premiere:  2-4 March 2017, Calgary 






DJD Dance Center

111 12 Avenue S.E.Calgary, CanadaT2G 0Z9


 Uję(Ci), belka 1 (miniaturka) Uję(Ci), belka 2 (miniaturka)

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