We are pleased to announce that the film The Seventh Seal by Jacek Krawczyk, co-founder of the Sopot Dance Theatre, has been named the “Best Experimental Film” at the Cannes Shorts™ Film Festival in February 2023.

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About The Seventh Seal (Polish title: Siódma pieczęć):

This 2022 original film directed by Jacek Krawczyk – dancer, choreographer and co-founder of Sopot Dance Theatre – is inspired by the work of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, in particular his 1957 film The Seventh Seal. Krawczyk’s experimental picture is a philosophical, metaphorical treatise touching on man’s relationship with God and a crisis of faith, reflecting on human helplessness in the face of death.

Knight Antonius plays a chess game with Death, fights for his life and those of his loved ones, and ponders the metaphysical mystery of existence.

The film was produced as part of the grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship program Kultura w sieci.

To date, The Seventh Seal has been awarded at a number of independent film festivals around the world, most recently the New York Movie Awards in New York (“Silver Award: Experimental Film”; December 2022) and the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas (“Awards of Merit: Best Experimental Film”; January 2023).

More information on the aforementioned festivals: link 1link 2link 3

The film’s main theme has been translated onto the stage by the Sopot Dance Theatre. The theatre piece is titled 7 Pieczęć (7th Seal).

Production team:

Directed by Jacek Krawczyk
Music by Mariusz Noskowiak
Camera, editing: Alicja Byzdra

Cast: Joanna Czajkowska (Mia), Jacek Krawczyk (Knight Antonius), Grzegorz Sierzputowski (Death).


About Cannes Shorts™:

Cannes Shorts™ is a film festival held in the south of France, created by internationally recognized artists and filmmakers as a showcase for young, emerging film talents. Unlike other major festivals, Cannes Shorts™ focuses mainly on short films, in keeping with the idea that a quality short film can be a springboard to a successful career in the cinematic and television industry.

More about the festival: link

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