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As part of the 4th instalment of the EXPRESSIONS programme, implemented by the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, the Mazovia Institute of Culture in Warsaw (ul. Elektoralna 12) will host a presentation of two dance pieces (Sunday, 30 October, 7 pm). At 7, the Format Zero Association and Artistic Collective will show their Po krzyku [Cry Over] choreographed by Iwona Wojnicka. The piece was inspired by Pola Nireńska, Polish-Jewish dancer and choreographer, who began her career in the interwar period. During the Dance Congress in 1934 in Vienna, she was awarded for her choreography entitled Cry. Despite the success, the solo Pola Nireńska?s solo career was a continuous, lonely and fearful escape from the experience of Nazi persecution.


At 8:30, the Sztuka Nowa Association will present their ORFEO?70 directed by Dawid Żakowski. The piece is a recapitulation of Żakowski?s personal emigratory experience. The piece operates with diverse discourses, striving to find words, images, and writing to assist a restoration of the memory of things past.


More on each piece:


Po krzyku [Cry Over]


Po krzyku concludes the empirical choreology project Pola Nireńska ? recomposition, implemented as part of the Institute of Music and Dance programme Blank pages of music. The choreography invokes the oeuvre of Mary Wigman, in whose company Nireńska began her career, as well as the German Ausdruckstanz. Using scraps of information, traces and associations, Nireńska?s stage works have been artistically recomposed. Thus, each dance excerpt begins with a single phrase which, when developed, transforms into a fully pronounced sentence, paragraph or chapter. Nireńska used Ausdruckstanz to assist herself in the wartime traumas?in this respect, it acted as a catharsis




Following many years in emigration, Orfeo returns to Poland to find Euridice/Elżbieta Zet. The clash of numerous languages and cultures he has observed living abroad finds its reflection in his interpretation of Poland, both with regard to historical transformation and personal narratives.



Directed by: Dawid Żakowski

Performed by: Kamil Adamus
Visuals: Robert Rabiej
Produced by the Sztuka Nowa Association in Warsaw

Partners: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London; Centre for Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn






From September to December 2016, the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art will host the Centre for Dance Art?s program EKSPRESJE [EXPRESSIONS]. The project will feature dance performances, workshops, exhibitions and debates. EXPRESSIONS is a regular presentation and promotion of Warsaw-based artists active in dance ? both its household names and dancers and choreographers who have recently launched their careers.


The Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw is a pilot program intended to build a fixed venue for contemporary dance and related arts. The general vision of the project has been developed in the course of consultations and a consolidation of the dance community by the Social Dialogue Committee for Dance, and its implementation has been delegated to three organisations representing the Warsaw dance milieu: the ART_committed Foundation, the PERFORM Art Foundation, and the NEW WAVE Theatre Development Foundation. 


Project Partner: Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art.

EXPRESSIONS is organised by the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, an association of NGO dance organizations.

Financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.


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