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We are pleased to announce a series of presentations of Komuna//Warszawa?s Cezary Goes to War currently underway the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Directed by Cezary Tomaszewski, the piece will be presented nine times, on 16-19 August and 21-25 August 2018, respectively. Cezary Goes to War has been one of the best-received pieces of the past season (2017/18), garnering raving reviews from critics and audiences alike. The piece recounts the biography of its director, Cezary Tomaszewski, transcribed for four actors and a pianist. Cezary Goes to War was spurred by Tomaszewski?s memory of his assessment by a military conscription committee, which provided him with a pretext to redefine stereotypical concepts of masculinity. Set in a men?s dressing room, the piece is host to a queer revue featuring Nijinsky?s Afternoon of the Faun, Stanisław Moniuszko?s songs, and aerobic exercises set to Shostakovich?s war symphonies.


Directed by: Cezary Tomaszewski

Performed by: Michał Dembiński, Weronika Krówka, Oskar Malinowski, Bartosz Ostrowski, Łukasz Stawarczyk

Realized by: Bracia (Agnieszka Klepacka, Maciej Chorąży), Antoni Grałek, Tomasz Kowalski, Justyna Wąsik, Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak

Produced by: Komuna// Warszawa, Ewa Paradowska


Cezary Goes to War received the best ensemble prize at the Divine Comedy Festival in Cracow in December 2017.

The piece is an instalment in a three-year cycle Before the War/War/After the War by Komuna//Warszawa, which aims to represent a permanent condition of the world.

Komuna//Warszawa is one of the major independent theatres in Poland, which produces experimental pieces at the junction of performing arts, video installations, and music. Taking on vital social and political themes, Komuna//Warszawa is based in Warsaw?s district of Praga (ul. Lubelska 30/32), where it showcases its own projects and collaborations, as well as productions and pieces by invited artists, juxtaposing the youngest generation of artists with their senior colleagues and encouraging an exchange of themes and approaches.

16-19 August, 21-25 August, 7 pm
Army @ The Fringe in Association with Summerhall
Venue 210, 89 East Claremont Street, EH7 4HU

Partners: Polish Institute in London, Adam Mickiewicz Institute.


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