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Forefathers? Eves is a cycle of premieres presented as an agon. Developed in three different instalments, the triptych covers the same theme, featuring performances choreographed by the artists invited by the Polish Dance Theatre: Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Tomasz Bazan, and Aleksandra Dziurosz in collaboration with the director Tomasz Szczepanek. Presented in three instalments, the theme of Adam Mickiewicz?s Dziady (Forefather?s Eve) creates a unique platform for artistic competition, enabling the audience to triple their artistic, aesthetic and intellectual experience, and inviting them to join in the discourse on the contemporary reinterpretations of the work and the traditions it addresses.



At the conclusion of the premiere nights, the Polish Dance Theatre will present ?Gorycz? [Bittersweet] choreographed by Kaya Kołodziejczyk, produced in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Choreographic Commissions 2017 programme.


The premiere presentation will take place on 27 May 2017 (8 pm) at Aula Artis, Collegium Da Vinci, ul. Kutrzeby 10, Poznań.


About the performance:



He who never tasted bittersweet
will never taste sweetness in heaven.


Adam Mickiewicz  Forefathers? Eve, part II


Let absinth be more bitter than wormwood
Let love be homeless and mute
Let freedom continue to be imperilled
Truth ? a distant and present land

Jacek Berezin ***


Bittersweet comes in many shades. The author of the piece examines various areas in which we experience bitternes ? sensory, existential, metaphysical. Bitterness lies hidden in the taste of rust, absinth ecstasy, or the bitter-sweet feeling of love. It can be found in the cleansing herb of wormwood, which breaks evil spells.


The experience of bitterness encapsulated in the literary and folk tradition ? including the poetry of Mickiewicz and Berezin, and the folk rites of Forefathers? Eve and Whitsun ? is enlaced with the embodied experience of songs performed in an open, full-bodied voice.



concept, direction, choreography: Kaya Kołodziejczyk
music: Jacek Sienkiewisz
musical preparation, traditional songs consultations: Julia Charytoniuk
dramaturgy: Daria Woszek
costumes:  Katarzyna Borkowska
stage design: Bracia/ Maciej Chorąży and Agnieszka Klepacka
makeup artist:  Magdalena Banachowicz
assistant choreographer: Sandra Szatan
performed by: Urszula Bernat-Jałocha, Jerzy Kaźmierczak,  Kornelia Lech, Michał Przybyła, Paweł Malicki, Katarzyna Rzetelska, Sandra Szatan, Domik Więcek, Emily Wong


Produced in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Choreographic Commissions 2017 programme.


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Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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