Anna Hop’s choreography The Fall of Dora Maar has been selected alongside seven other pieces fir the Picasso Dance project developed by ARTE TV as part of the Célébration Picasso 1973-2023 event.

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Anna Hop’s choreography The Fall of Dora Maar was inspired by Picasso’s painting Dora Maar with Green Nails. Hop uses dance to illustrate Dora Maar’s descent into hell.

In addition to the Polish choreographer, the Picasso Dance project showcases the work of such artists as Angelin Preljocaj (La visite – a commentary to Gjon Mili’s photograph Picasso paints with light), Nora Chipaumire (Not waiting – a piece inspired by The Young Ladies of Avignon), Diego Tortelli (Parade – a study of a curtain designed by Picasso for the ballet Parade set to music by Erik Satie, choreographed by Leonid Miasin and featuring scenography by Jean Cocteau), Carla Cervantes and Sandra Egido (Together Our Bodies Were Never Just Bodies – a piece about Picasso’s Three Women), Olivier Dubois (This Obscure Love of Desire, devoted to the painting Dora and the Minotaur), Leïla Ka (Alive – a commentary on the painting Two Sisters) and Mr. Kriss (Acrobat and Guitarist, concerning Picasso’s The Acrobat).

The Fall of Dora Maar is available online from April 3, 2023 to September 19, 2025. You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

Anna Hop: “The Fall of Dora Maar” – Picasso Dance – full presentation  | ARTE Concert


Directed by: DIVERS
Produced by: LA Blogothèque Productions
Artistic director: Filippo Ferraresi

Country: France
Year of premiere: 2022
Genre: performance
Duration: 8 minutes

About Picasso Dance:

ARTE TV has invited eight contemporary choreographers of different ethnicities and sensibilities to participate in the Picasso Dance project. The invitees interpret the artistic and human legacy of the Andalusian artist Pablo Picasso. The project combines live performance with visual arts and creative cinema. It is held as part of the international event Célébration Picasso 1973-2023, which commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the painter’s death (April 8, 1973).

About Célébration Picasso 1973-2023:

April 8, 2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and thus the year will represent a celebration of his work and his artistic legacy in France, Spain and internationally. The French and Spanish governments wished to mark this transnational event through a bi-national commission, bringing together the cultural and diplomatic administrations of both countries. The Picasso Celebration 1973-2023 revolves around some fifty exhibitions and events to be held at renowned cultural institutions in Europe and North America that, together, address a historiographical analysis of Picasso’s work.

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