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The motto of the 4th KRoki Contemporary Dance Festival, held at the Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS) in Cracow (12 Rajska St.) is Body Is (Not) Enough. On Friday 20 May at 7 pm, MOS will host a performance of The Black Piece by Ann Van den Broek and WArd/waRD. The piece will take the audience for a journey in search of another blackness. Choreographer Ann Van den Broek lets black be the red thread in a piece that is gripping one moment and alienating the next, yet always full of beauty. A group of dancers and a cameraman take the audience with them into the dark. In this dance performance, which is also a dance film, the spectator is constantly wrong-footed.


Van den Broek was inspired by the book Black: The History of a Color by Michael Pastoureau. Over centuries, people have attached various meanings to this colour. Black often represents mourning, but it also reminds people of militant organizations, such as the Black Panthers. Black has also some positive connotations, such as the fertile black soil. Black as a colour in fashion conjures leather jackets, as well as black Chanel suits, and Gothic trends. An ambience is created similar to a darkroom; suspenseful, as if there were a secret to uncover. Sometimes reality is stranger than you think. Images, light, movement, sounds, the soundscape by Arne Van Dongen, the voice of singer Gregory Frateur; all of these elements in The Black Piece are sure to heighten senses and undermine expectations.


Ann Van den Broek and her Dutch-Flemish dance company WArd/waRD have performed in Poland before, at the International Dance Meetings in Lublin, in Anna Królica?s curator?s project Choreographic Machine at the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka in Cracow, and at master class workshops at the Gdańsk Dance Festival.


concept, direction, choreography: Ann Van den Broek

with: Louis Combeaud, Frauke Mariën, Nik Rajšek, Emma Seresia and others

cinematography / live camera: Bernie van Velzen

hand-lamp: Ann Van den Broek

Ann Van den Broek?s assistants: Marie De Corte, Judit Ruiz Onandi

music composition: Arne Van Dongen

vocal performance: Gregory Frateur

set design: Ann Van den Broek, Bernie van Velzen

styling costumes: Ann Van den Broek, Judith Van Herck

make up: Jos Brands

advice: Marc Vanrunxt

technical crew: Frank van Schie

production management: Mirjam Zwanenburg

office management: Ruth Bruyneel

management: Ton Driessen

publicity: Ilse van Dijk

photography: Maarten Vanden Abeele

international bookings: Line Rousseau/A propic

premiere: 19 September 2014, Korzo theater, The Hague     

duration: 80 min.


The Black Piece is a co-production of WArd/waRD (Belgium/Netherlands), ccBerchem (Antwerpen, Belgium) and Korzo producties (The Hague, Netherlands), with financial support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (Netherlands).




Regular: 65 PLN (seats I), 55 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 50 PLN (seats I), 45 PLN (seats II)


Festival programme


Reservation: tel. 12 424 45 28, 12 424 45 25

Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS) box office opens one hour before the events that require tickets.

Juliusz Słowacki Theatre box office in Cracow (1 Św. Ducha Sq., 31-023 Cracow) open Monday 10 am?2 pm, 2.30?6 pm; Tuesday?Saturday 9 am?2 pm, 2.30?7 pm; Sunday (on show days) 3?7 pm


The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.


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