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On Sunday, 27 September 2015 (7 pm), the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTECA and curator Anna Królica will present Barbara Bujakowska?s performance Mechanical Dreams as part of The Choreographic Machine 2015 ? Schlemmer. Analogies.


About the performance:

Mechanical past and future.
Mechanical friends and colleagues.
Mechanical present.
Mechanical activities.
I fall asleep and wake up to a mechanical dream.
Mechanical ME.
Mechanical YOU.



Concept: Basia Bujakowska
Performance: Basia Bujakowska, Mariusz Raczyński 


Basia Bujakowska: Performer, dancer and independent artist. Basia Bujakowska studied at the Institute for Dance Arts / Anton Bruckner University (Linz) and P. F. P. at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). Some of her most important works include: Śniło mi się, że pozostał po nas pusty pokój (2013), ID- ance (2013) and Dying Swan (2015). Bujakowska lives in Kraków, organizes dance classes for children, youth groups and the elderly, and collaborates with local artists. Co-founder of Kraków-based dance studio Hurtownia Ruchu where she runs contemporary dance classes. 


Prior to the performance, the organizers would like to invite everyone interested to dr Samuel Nowak?s lecture The Laboratisation of the World (5 pm). Admission to the lecture is free.


Inspired by research in the field of ethnography of laboratory we will focus on the role of technology and innovation in the creation of the world. We will be interested in the lab processes of changing scales and translation which allow the results of researchers? work not only to reach our homes but mainly change the world into a great laboratory. But what does go on in the labs? How do the solutions worked out there leave the sterile premises of research campuses? What do housewives, anthrax and speed bumps have in common? 


More on the project:


Logotypy belka 1 Maszyna choreograficzna 2015 (miniaturka)


Logotypy belka 2 Maszyna choreograficzna 2015 (miniaturka)

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