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The Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA in Cracow (ul. Nadwislańska 2-4) and curator Anna Królica are pleased to invite everyone interested to the performative programme accompanying the Schlemmer | Kantor exhibition. The programme of this year?s edition of the Choreographic Machine project was inspired by the reflection on the artist?s work with the body, contextualized by its mechanics, the organicism of dance actions, and the relationship between choreography and nature. The three presented pieces touch upon the mechanization of motion, virtuosity in dance, and the influence of natural phenomena on choreographic practice.


Saturday, 5 November, features a double bill of performances. Barbara Bujakowska?s Mechanical Dreams premiered during her Cricoteka residency organized as part of last year?s Choreographic Machine. The piece speculates on the images (and perhaps the fears which recur in one?s dreams) of the mechanized world and the attendant demise of individualism. The manifestations of such mechanization are noticeable in the lack of natural and personalized movement of characters, which would help contextualize the protagonists in a particular reality.


Paweł Sakowicz will present his solo piece TOTAL (8.15 pm) ? a dance commentary on the politics of desire. This year will mark Sakowicz?s third appearance at the Choreographic Machine: his previous performances included a collaboration with Alex Baczyński-Jenkins (Radiance, lo-res) and a co-production with Iza Szostak (Excavatory Ballet).


Cricoteka will also see the return of the German choreographer Anna Konjetzky. Her latest project is a Vietnamese-German co-production Lighting, transcribed for the bodies of Polish dancers. The presentation of Lighting will be preceded by a duo created by Anna Konjetzky for Karolina Garbacik and Eryka Makohon, titled a?b. The presentations are scheduled for 5 and 20 November. Below you will find the schedule of presentations.


About the pieces:


Mechanical Dreams


the space on stage is abstract and openly refers to Schlemmer?s vision; it features live actors who move in a way typical of puppets or machines ? automated, shredded and repetitive.


concept, performance: Barbara Bujakowska
collaboration, performance: Mariusz Raczyński
premiere: 27 September 2015, Choreographic Machine, Cricoteka

curator: Anna Królica

duration: 45 minutes

tickets: PLN 15/20

combined tickets for Mechanical Dreams and TOTAL: PLN 20/30.




Speculating about the virtuosity of dance means thinking that could be based on experience, but somehow cannot be empirically verified. The goal of such a speculation is to achieve a particular image of dance virtuosity through the use of predictable changes in economy, politics and metahumanistic approaches. A characteristic feature of speculation about the virtuosity of dance is taking a risk when building radical scenarios concerning the politics of desire.


Choreography, text and performance: Paweł Sakowicz

Artistic coaching: Dalija Aćin Thelander

Technical realisation and lights: Łukasz Kędzierski

Production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk





Lighting, the igniting, torching, kindling, is the title of Anna Konjetzky?s latest dance piece in which the choreographer fixates the audience?s gaze on the bodies of the ten dancers on a bare stage. Ten dancers who form a flurrying, pulsating mass in which the pressure seems to increase constantly. Inspired by the numerous pictures of protest movements round the globe, ?Lighting? simply investigates that spark, that moment of collapse, of discharge.


Choreographer, artistic director: Anna Konjetzky
assistant choreographer: Quindell Orton
performers: Viviana Defazio, Julia Dondziło, Karolina Garbacik, Sahra Huby, Piotr Skalski, Paweł Łyskawa, Eryk Makohon, Michele Meloni, Quindell Orton
music: Sergej Maingardt
lighting: Robert Irman
Premiere: 20 November 2016, Choreographic Machine, Cricoteka
Polish producer: Podlasie Dance Association
co-produced by: Cricoteka, Kraków Dance Theatre Association, Performa Foundation, Danceoffnia

partner: Institute of Music and Dance, Białystok Puppet Theatre
project curator and Polish premiere coordinator: Anna Królica
world premiere: 18-19 September 2013, Muffathalle, Munich


In co-production with the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and the Muffathalle Munich.

Supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ ? International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, commissioned by the Bundestag.


Produced in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the ?Choreographic Commissions 2016? programme.


 Logo IMIT ENG (miniaturka)




It is a dialogue between bodies, one which renders them audible. Two bodies engage in a conversation between motion and sound. One propels the other, triggers reactions and impulses transmitted between the bodies. The audience witnesses a game of ping-pong between two people.

choreography: Anna Konjetzky
dancers: Karolina Garbacik, Eryk Makohon
music: Brigitta Muntendorf
curator: Anna Królica
World premiere: 20 November 2016, Choreographic Machine, Cricoteka


tickets: (Lighting + a?b): PLN 15/20




combined tickets for Mechanical Dreams and TOTAL: PLN 20/30.




Dance programme presented as part of the Choreographic Machine

5 ? 20 November 2016

concept / curator: Anna Królica

The programme will be presented as an accompanying event of the Schlemmer | Kantor exhibition (14 October 2016-15 January 2017).



Belka Logo Maszyna Choreograficzna 2016 (miniaturka)

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