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On 2-4 October, 2015 (Friday-Sunday), the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA in Cracow (ul. Nadwiślańska 2-4) and curator Anna Królica wish to invite everyone interested to the Choreographic Machine 2015 ? Schlemmer. Analogies events. On 2 October (7 pm), Kacper Lipiński will present his 3P, a dance and movement piece for three actors. The following night at the same hour Renata Piotrowska will present her Death. Exercises and variations. Piotrowska uses humour and distance to confront this (unaccountable) experience with theatre; attempting to directly stage the encounter with death, Piotrowska goes through different scenarios making up a performative diptych for her travel through centuries of (in)experience with death while she draws on its artistic, cultural and social representations. Piotrowska?s presentation will be preceded by a lecture by dr Samuel Nowak, titled Posthumanist Ethics (5 pm). Finally, on Friday, 4 October (7 pm), the Festival audience will be treated to Karolina Garbacik?s The beauty of life. Prepared especially for the Another Dimension festival as part of the The Rise of Eastern Culture project, the piece is created and performed by artists from Poland, Spain, and Belarus.


More on the performances:

Circus Ferus 3P ? chor. Kacper Lipiński

Renata Piotrowska: Death. Exercises and variations

Karolina Garbacik: The beauty of life


About the lecture:

Is a post-anthropocentric ethic possible and if so what would it be? Who would be included and what would ethical commitment entail? Can bacteria, black holes and chairs constitute a topic of ethical reflection? First, we will take a closer look at those philosophical works which extended ethical thinking beyond humanity. Next, by reaching to latest posthumanist discourses, studies on technology and information theory, we will attempt to reconstruct ethical parameters without humans.


Samuel NOWAK
PhD, culture and media expert, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University. Samuel Nowak specializes in British cultural studies, media theory and post-humanities. Fellowships, research projects and study visits: Universiteit Antwerpen, King?s College London, New York University, Goldsmiths, University of London. He has written for ?Kultura popularna?, ?Teksty drugie?, ?Przegląd kulturoznawczy? and collective works. Last year his book Seksualny kapitał [Sexual Capital] was published as part of the Horyzonty nowoczesności series. His texts are available at 


More on the project:


Logotypy belka 1 Maszyna choreograficzna 2015 (miniaturka)


Logotypy belka 2 Maszyna choreograficzna 2015 (miniaturka)

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