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Upon watching 16 presentations on 4 March 2017, the Jury of the Choreographic Competition “3…2…1… DANCE!,” comprised of Maria Stokłosa, Matej Matejka, Carlo Massari and Agata Moląg,awarded the following works: 


Maria Stokłosa

1st prize in the amount of EUR 500 for Zofia Tomczyk?s Te echo de menos. Mano.

?For trusting oneself. For the practice of movement which begins in the vicinity of ?weird sensations.? For the soft presence enabling a rare proximity between the performer and the audience.?


2nd prize in the amount of EUR 500 for April Veselko?s What does the body dream.

?For a profound plunge in a stirring state. For the sharp, film-like use of space. An intense body that deforms itself, trembles, vibrates and is unafraid of risk. For succeeding in creating a dreamscape and a dreamlike time in as little as six minutes.?


Matej Matejka

1st prize in the amount of EUR 500 for Agata Meyer-Lüters and Agnieszki Bednarz?s Jestem Helena.

?For creating a complex and original piece, for adept skills and authentic stage presence.?


2nd prize in the amount of EUR 250 for Marion Alzieu?s This is not a white woman.

?For courage and uncanny energy. For purity and precise movement, authentic expression, and moving stage images.?


Carlo Massari

1st prize in the amount of EUR 500 for Omar Karabulut?s Terminal B.

?A hero; apnea; a transition from emptiness to fullness; ecstasy; a combination of mature language and young body. An honest, naked body, along with all of its weaknesses, pure. A point of no return.?


2nd prize in the amount of EUR 250 EUR for Heleny Ganjalyan?s MELT.

?A hypnotising work that brings us closer to a distant world. A body in a constant search for the solution that will allow it to survive. Profound dramaturgy supported by a strong body. A metamorphosis, and a controversial masterpiece in outright deformation.?


Agata Moląg

The director of the Krakow Choreographic Centre awarded a prize in kind: an invitation to participate in the FIZYCZNYzGAGAcamp (Summer 2017) to Agnieszka Janicka for her piece Prowadź mnie.

?For peace of mind, harmony of movement, and consistency in admitting the body to express itself.?


Audience award

The audience prize in the amount of EUR 300 was awarded to Ioanna Strati?s Sleepstep.




The 3?2?1?DANCE! Choreographic Competition is organised by the Krakow Choreographic Centre ? Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.


Krakow Choreograpic Centre logo 2016 (miniaturka)   3...2...1...DANCE! 2016 - logo eng (miniaturka)



The 3?2?1? DANCE! choreographic competition has been held annually Since 2011 as an international event. It features presentations of shor solos, duos and trios based on a broadly conceived contemporary dance technique. The basic aim of the competition is to confront your choreographic work with a professional jury and receive feedback, both from the jury and the audience. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions directed to Polish and international choreographers looking for their own original manner of expression, regardless of their age and experience.




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