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After watching 11 dance presentation on 24 March 2018, the jury of the 3?2?1?DANCE! Choreographic Competition, comprised of Małgorzata Haduch, Gwyn Emberton, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Agata Moląg, decided to award the following prizes:


Małgorzta Haduch awarded:

The 1st prize (500 EUR) to Jarosław Mysona?s ?STONEWALL INN,?

for thinking through all choreographic elements, taking the risk in terms of the piece?s composition and full expression.


The 2nd prize (300 EUR) to Zuzanna Pruska and Yoh Morishita?s ?COSMO,?

for setting out on a journey to discover their own choreographic voice on stage and for a soundtrack that was well thought out in relation to choreography.


Gwyn Emberton awarded:

The 1st prize (500 EUR) to Jakub Lewandowski?s ?Melancholy?

 ?The piece allowed me to go on a journey. It created a narrative for me that was consistent and the humour was great to see. It was well thought through with well executed movement language. I felt the piece was considered and right for the performer. The piece brought everything from character, costume, props that made the piece whole. Also it was very well performed and directed. It raised questions about the role of the male choreographer and female dancer. (However I felt it had no relationship with the description).?


The 2nd prize (300 EUR) to Jarosław Mysona?s ?STONEWALL INN.?

 ?Structurally I thought it was well developed and created a real sense that it had a through line. The beginning led to the end and I felt I understood the choices made. The ending was slightly weaker than that of my first choice. Movement language was purposeful and made sense for the piece. The politics of the work are really important and necessary.?


Jacek Przybyłowicz awarded:

the 1st prize (500 EUR) to Marta Jakimicha and Paulina Spiel?s ?harmonization,?for an original and mature form of artistic expression on stage and a consistent dramatic structure;


the 2nd prize (300 EUR) to Jakub Lewandowski?s ?Melancholy?for an intelligent dramatic narration that combined elements of physical theatre and dance.


Agata Moląg awarded:the special award (participation in Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER 2018 workshops) to Marta Jakimicha and Paulina Spiel for for the youthful energy, freshness and courage in taking up physical challenges on a high technical level in ?harmonization?



The Organizer decided to award the Grand Prix of 400 EUR to Zuzanna Pruska and Yoh Morishita for ?COSMO?.


The audience award of 300 EUR went to Paulina Będkowska and Monika Małycha for ?No, where?.




3?2?1?DANCE! is a choreographic competition held annually since 2011 as an international event which features presentations of solo works, duos and trios based on broadly defined contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront one?s own choreographic work with professional jury and the possibility to obtain feedback from both the jury and the audience, thus facilitating the education of dance audiences. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.



The Competition has a unique format, in which every juror, without prior consultations with the other members of the jury, awards two prizes for two selected presentations, specifying particular presentation values that led them to awarding a given piece in the jury certificate. Apart from the jury awards, the prize pool includes the audience award and the Grand Prix, which will be awarded by the Organisers to one among the awarded laureates. This year, the Grand Prix will be awarded for the first time in the history of the Competition.


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