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The KTO Theatre received a Spasko prize for the most moving performance at the 21st International Theatre Festival in Pula, Croatia. The award-winning piece, Chorus of Orphans was directed by Jerzy Zoń. The stage movement was designed by Eryk Makohon from the Kraków Dance Theatre.


About the piece:


A theatre séance with an orchestra, a soprano and actors

A show without text


The production, inspired by Guy Croussy’s novel Les Bleuets, takes us to an orphanage. There we will see one day in the life of its inhabitants. However, it is not a sentimental story about orphans but a universal tale about human loneliness. The piece lasts just as long as Symphony No. 3 Op. 36 by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), which accompanies the actors throughout the show, dictating its rhythm. Each performance lasts exactly 52 minutes and 6 seconds.





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