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Art Centre Mościce in Tarnów is running a film competition called Dancemy life and love in conjunction with the 3rd International Dance Theatre Festival “Open Stage” [Scena Otwarta] held in Tarnów on 11-27 October 2013. The project is financed with EEG funds provided by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, as well as by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Małopolskie province.

Organizers about the competition:

Dance as a realm which fills human life, becomes an integral part of the human existence. And the film image shows those fragments of human histories where dance is a passion, love, a way of life or an out of the ordinary story which picks out the primitive relation of a human being and dance.

Creating the contest „Dance – my life and love”, we want to encourage artists to speak out with a film language and describe what is related exactly to dance and the role it plays in the life of a human being. The organizers do not pose any limitations for participation in the contest to the authors of the films, they do not limit the form and technique of the film proposed either. A concept, process, message, contents and stage effect obtained are the most important. They can be both long and short film forms – studies, impressions, documents, reports, creations, photo casts, animations, etc.

This year, we also encourage you to send reports and documentary movies which can be included within the theme of the festival as well as amateur films, realized by secondary school youth, with the stipulation that they can be proposed by an adult.

Deadline for submissions:15 September 2013.

Download the files below for more details on the competition, its rules and regulations and an application form.

Information on the competition

Rules and Regulations

Application form

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