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Works created during the European Video Dance Heritage (EVDH) workshop are already available for viewing on ? the first free online dance video library. Administered by Lyon?s Maison de la Danse, the website is a resource of videos promoting artistic dance and its history. Its inception came on the initiative of the dance community, and its objectives are primarily educational. The workshop on video dance took place between 26 and 31 May 2014 at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and the ?Alicia Alonso? Higher Dance Institute, Fuenlabrada Campus, Madrid. The EVDH project has been approved by the European Commission. The Institute of Music and Dance is an EVDH partner. The workshop had two participants from Poland: Krzysztof Stasiak and Rami Shaya.


Krzysztof Stasiak is a musician, composer and sound engineer (Academy of Music in Katowice), as well as film producer, broadcast producer and film director (Łódź Film School). Since 1990 he has owned BMC Film, a production company, and  Blue Beat Studio, a recording studio. He is currently working on Masina, a dance theatre film conceived and choreographed by Mariola Bensz, and Tactum, a dance documentary written and directed by Stasiak, made in collaboration with the Ballet of the Silesian Opera, the Silesian Dance Theatre and dancers of the Pracownia Fizyczna dance company of Łódź.


Rami Shaya creates videos for various culture institutions, NGOs, theatrical companies, dance theatres, etc. He collaborates both with Polish artists (including the Chorea Theatre, Fabryka Sztuki, Pinokio Theatre, PRO Dance Theatre) and British ones (Creative Electric Theatre, Hidden Door Festival).


Visit to watch the videos.

Click here to learn more about the EVDH project. 

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