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Ramona Nagabczynski’s New (Dis)Order will be shown at the Dance Base as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival lasting from 2 to 17 August 2013. The production, created by Ramona Nagabczyńska together with Magdalena Jędra, Konrad Szymański and Izabela Chlewińska, is an attempt to give expression to the dynamically changing reactions of the body to rock and roll music. On stage the dancers’ bodies influence each other, reacting spontaneously to the rhythm and tempo of the music, its changing melodies and the intensity of lighting. Also at play are the body’s limitations: breathing, sweating, producing warmth. Dance, music and lighting last uninterrupted, while rhythm grows stronger and weaker. Dancers find their rhythm and the rhythm finds them. They gravitate towards each other in the music and break away when silence falls.

Ramona Nagabczynski: “This show is about dance. This show is about alternative culture. This showis about fashion. This show is about individualism. This show is about a collective. This show is aboutthe politics of the body. This show is about aesthetics. This show is about resistance. This show is aboutconformism. This show is about ecstasy. This show is about eroticism. This show is about history. Thisshow is about rhythm. This show is about patterns. This show is about ritual. This show is about a neworder. This show is about a new chaos. This show is about dance.”

Choreography:Ramona Nagabczynski (with creative input from the performers)
Performers:Izabela Chlewińska, Magda Jędra, Konrad Szymański
Rehearsal director:Karol Tymiński
Lighting design:Jan Cybis
Music:NEU!, Nisennenmondai, Ścianka, Chinawoman, Brian Eno
Partners:Ciało/Umysł Foundation, Burdąg Foundation, Komuna//Warszawa

New (Dis)Order was created thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland (MkiDN) and presented in Edinburgh thanks to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Ramona Nagabczynski is a Polish dance maker and performer who works internationally. She has collaborated with Clod Ensemble, Fleur Darkin, Junk Ensemble, Emma Martin, David Wampach and Les Gens D’Uterpan amoungst others. Her other choreographic productions include Re:accumulation, Man’s Best Friend and Turao/Dziw. New (Dis)Order premiered in Warsaw in 2012.

t. +48 518 624 141

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