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On 13-15 Novermbertanzhaus nrw inDüsseldorf is hosting a conference on video dance heritagewith speakers and participants from throughout Europe.The conference devotes attention to the cultural heritage in dance, its preservation and securing in the dance archives, to the visibility of that treasure in the 21st century and its presentation in the television media and other new formats/platforms on the internet. Together with various highly competent speakers in the areas of politics, (new) media, technology and law as well as many of the most important dance archives in Europe, the conference raises the question about the heritage and the future of dance in a digitally connected world.

The conference addresses:

– Artists who seek a broader audience online

– Archives that want to present their inventory on the internet

– Scientists who consider the question of technical and legal frameworks

– Politicians who set the frameworks of the cultural heritage’s preservation.

Because they all want to bring the dance heritage and the dance of today into the future!

Regarding the digital mediation and dissemination of dance, the question of copyright and difficulties therein is inevitable. The conference places hereupon an emphasis. Yet, it also focuses on the development of technologies and new media, as well as their contribution and potential for the preservation and visualization of dance.

The conference serves as the opening for the EU-project European Video Dance Heritage. The Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw is the project’s partner.

The project contains a two-year analysis and an experimental programme, during which the project partners are engaged in setting up an audio-visual dance memory. The key question of this project is how such a dance memory can be developed, taking into account the evolution of digital technologies, as well as the different forms of access to resources – and furthermore, how to make this heritage accessible to younger generations.

In this context the conference provides the possibility to underline, in the European frame, the need to preserve our cultural heritage and to transmit it through the communications media of the 21st century.

The EU-project will be conducted by Maison de la Danse. Most important co-organiser is a consortium, led by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. The consortium consists of tanzhaus nrw / iDAS NRW, Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen and Tanzfonds Erbe / Diehl+Ritter gUG (haftungsbeschränkt). The EU-project brings together partners from France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Finland, Austria and Germany as well as the European networks EDN (European Dance Network) and ENICPA (European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts).


Conditions and practical information

Conference language

The conference will be conducted in English/German and vice versa. A simultaneous translation will be provided. The exceptions being the workshops: here, the working language will be English only.

Conference fee

Conference fee is 30 Euro. In addition it is possible to purchase three different vouchers for the opening dinner on Wednesday, the lunch and/or dinner on Thursday (see registration document for details).


Please hand in your binding registration to the conference by November 1st (

Registration document

Please use hereto the registration document attached and send it back to us per mail. For your binding registration it is also requested to transfer the conference fee by November 1st.


For participants of the conference, a limited contingent of overnight accommodation will be provided at nearby hotels until 15th October. Please use hereto the registration document attached and send it back to us per mail by 10th October ( Further information concerning overnight accommodation will be updated for you on

Tickets for performances

For participants of the conference, a limited contingent of tickets for the performances at tanzhaus nrw, which are mentioned in the conference programme, will be provided. Please use hereto the registration document attached and send it back to us per mail by 15th October (


Updates of the programme and further information on the conference and the project can be reviewed on


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