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The International Dance Theatre Meetings is a festival with a long tradition ? since 23 years, world-renown dance artists come to Lublin to present their works and teach workshops. One of this year?s festival events will be the conference Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde, organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Institute of Music and Dance at the Lublin Centre for Culture on 12-13 November 2019. The programme encompasses dance workshops, meetings and the opening of an installation-garden.


Just before the end of World War II, when the British government was trying to find some savings for military purposes, one of the ministers proposed to cut arts funding. In response to this proposal, Winston Churchill was to ask a rhetorical question: ?Then what are we fighting for??. Similarly, one can look at Poland regaining its independence in 1918 ? it is not only a historical milestone but also an opening of new opportunities for art.


Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde ? the project created in relation with the 100. anniversary celebrations of the aforementioned events ? presents biographies of four extraordinary dancers and choreographers strongly connected to Polish culture: Yanka Rudzka, Pola Nireńska, Marie Rambert and Bronisława Niżyńska. The Institute of Adam Mickiewicz, together with its partners ? Institute of Music and Dance, Lublin Centre for Culture and Art Stations Foundation ? has invited young artists that in the following years will explore the work of the four choreographers.


In 2018, Joanna Leśnierowska created Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies inspired by the dance icon from Brazil, who has so far been completely unknown in Poland. Rudzka was born in 1916 in Łódź ? the city of the working-class. Many years later, she became the founder of the famous Salvador de Bahia Dance School ? the first contemporary dance school in Brazil. In her work she successfully intertwined modern dance tradition with Afro-Brazilian culture ? hence the idea to compose the texture of Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies of elements of Brazilian samba, Polish oberek, Armenian kochari dance and Georgian perchuli dance. During the conference, Joanna Leśnierowska will talk about the process of working on the project, and will also conduct Techno Folk workshops with an international group of dancers.


In 2019, Agata Siniarska and Karolina Grzywnowicz created Second Nature, performed by Katarzyna Wolińska and dedicated to Pola Nireńska ? a charismatic modern dance choreographer and a student of the famous Mary Wigman School in Dresden. The project was directly inspired by Nireńska?s last work, Holocaust Tetralogy ? a poignant testimony of the artist who lost most of her family in the Holocaust. On the opening day of the conference, the audience will also see fragments of Karolina Grzywnowicz?s installation-garden, created as the set design for the performance, as the author says, ?The installation draws from the concept of a garden as taming nature as well as from the Naturgarten idea. It was a notion adopted by the Nazis, according to which any non-native plant species should be rooted out?.


In 2020, Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde will focus mainly on Marie Rambert ? dancer, pedagogue, pioneer of contemporary ballet and founder of the oldest and still active ballet company in England (currently Rambert Dance Company), Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (awarded twice by Queen Elizabeth II.


On the second day of the conference, the commission composed of: Barbara Schabowska-Maszenda (Adam Mickiewicz Institute), Aleksandra Dziurosz (Institute of Music and Dance), Ryszard Kalinowski (Lublin Dance Theatre / Lublin Centre for Culture), Joanna Leśnierowska (Art Stations Foundation) and Grzegorz Pańtak (independent expert), will announce the winner of the next year?s edition of Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde. The winner will deal with the life story of Marie Rambert, who, at the age of 24, had the chance to work with such renown artists as Sergei Diaghilev and Vaslav Nijinsky.


20th century was very rich in numerous talented Polish female artists ? we also have plenty of them in the 21st century. Therefore, Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde, aims also at showcasing Polish contemporary dance represented by the artists selected for the final presentations of the Polish Dance Platform. The programme of Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde encompasses performances, workshops, meetings and debates in the most active contemporary dance centres in Central and Eastern Europe, among others in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria. In Central and Eastern Europe, this project is a unique place for discussions and artistic statements.


Conference programme:


12 November


3 p.m. ? Cellars, Lublin Centre for Culture

– opening of the exhibition Second Nature

– presentation of the photo exhibition ? Bolesław Lutosławski with Rambert Dance Company dancers ? The Whole World is Our Stage


4 p.m. ? Cinema, Lublin Centre for Culture

– introduction to the project Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde (Monika Grochowska ? Adama Mickiewicz Institute, Aleksandra Dziurosz ? Institute of Music and Dance)

– meeting with Joanna Leśnierowska and Agata Siniarska


5.30 p.m. – 7 p.m. ? Rehearsal Room no. 4, Lublin Centre for Culture

– dance workshops with the dancers from Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies


13 November


10 a.m. ? Rehearsal Room 6, Lublin Centre for Culture

– meeting of the commission evaluating the applications in the Choreographic Territories ? 2020 contest ? (closed meeting)


2 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. ? Cinema, Lublin Centre for Culture

– meeting with Weronika Kostyrko and promotion of the book Tancerka i zagłada. Historia Poli Nireńskiej (The Dancer and the Holocaust. The Story of Pola Nireńska), which is currently on sale at the Lublin Centre for Culture Bookstore


3.30 p.m. – 3.45 p.m. ? Cinema, Lublin Centre for Culture

– official announcement of the results of Choreographic Territories ? 2020 contest ? representatives of the commission from the Institute of Music and Dance and Adam Mickiewicz Institute


4 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. ? Cinema, Lublin Centre for Culture

– wykład o Marie Rambert i rozmowa z autorem wykładu Markiem Baldwinem, dyrektorem artystycznym Rambert w latach 2002-2018


8.30 p.m. ? Main Auditorium, Lublin Centre for Culture


– performances presentation Yanka Rudzka Project: Polyphonies



More information about the events:

 (website tab: Choreographic Territories)


The project Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde is organised by Adam Mickiewicz Institute in co-operation with the Institute of Music and Dance, Lublin Centre for Culture, Art Stations Foundation and local partners from Central-Eastern Europe. Choreographic Territories ? New Paths of the Avant-Garde is realized within the multi-annual NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2022 programme of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the Multi-annual Programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2022.


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