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Fredrik Wretman and TO-EN will present Hikarimuji, an installation and butoh dance performance, on August 10that 3 p.m. in Fengersfors, Sweden.The Swedish artist Fredrik Wretman and the Polish butoh dancer TO-EN, create a unique project. Wretman’s installation Hikarimuji comes to life again out of a winter sleep. However taking on an entirely different form. A dancing body, the butoh artist TO-EN, becomes a part of the installation and performs inside the mirrored space. Water with its beauty, tempting and dangerous, provides a spring for TO-EN’s dance. The dancer’s body – the butoh body, mergeswith Fredrik Wretman’s water room.

Installation: Fredrik Wretman
Dance: TO-EN
Costume: Maldoror

Fredrik Wretman works with installations, objects and sculptures. Projections, reflexions and mirror-images are his tools as well as his media. The installations are often large, meditative rooms filled with a reflective surface made of water that combine a sense of myth and the awareness of the present…

TO-EN is a butoh dancer. Between 2005-2009 she was a disciple of SU-EN, butoh artist, choreographer and artistic director of the SU-EN Butoh Company in Sweden. At that time TO-EN has participated in many performances, projects and festivals, presented on the main Swedish stages. 2009 TO-EN has completed her examination solo project from SU-EN Butoh Company with the work “White – bialy” in Stockholm. This solo was a starting point for TO-EN Butoh Company. Currently in Poland, TO-EN works in the field of stage performances, multidisciplinary and site-specific projects, improvisations, lectures.

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