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As part of the 3rd edition of the international meetings of butoh dance and acousmatic music ?En chair et en Son? in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris (26-28 October), the Polish butoh pioneer Sylwia Hanff will present her performance The Twilight of Abandoned Cities set to the music of Pierre Boeswillwald, and inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky?s film Stalker. Tarkovsky?s picture recounts an expedition, led by Stalker, to a confined area referred to as the ?Zone,? which itself is something mystical, a feeling and thinking space to which customary do not apply. At the core of the ?Zone? lies the ?Room,? which satisfies the hidden wishes and unconscious desires. Stalker is someone who is capable of transcending the boundaries of what is dangerous and prohibited. He is a ?yurodivy,? a sacred fool, innocent in the eyes of God. Such ?Zones? can be found in abandoned cities?


The presentation will be held on Saturday, 28 October (9:10 pm) at Le Cube, a pioneer centre for digital arts in France (20 cours Saint-Vincent, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux). The day before the presentation, Sylwia Hanff will hold also hold a workshop titled Butoh of the primordial space, organised as part of the festival.





From the organisers:


The 3rd edition of the international meetings of butoh dance and acousmatic music hopes to enkindle a new form, a practice in the course of which musical works composed for concert allow them to be seen. For the dancer, to take their place beside an unknown composer-partner, without abandoning what constitutes the cause of their dance, poses a challenge imposed to their imaginary.

An unexpected complicity creeps into the process of solo creation. Each of us creates their world, interprets themselves- this is a space-time that opens between the dancer and the composer, where “the sound reveals the flesh, and the flesh sublimates the sound”. 

The body of the butoh dancer, dressed in their memories and vestiges, maintains a strong relation with the de-multiplicated power of the sounds that cross the acousmonium. It becomes a hybrid, as the dancer inspects their body for fossilised traces of vegetables and minerals abandoned by nature. 

Numerous artists from all over the world (11 countries) have been concerned involved in these unique meetings between two artistic practices. ?These two freedoms which encounter each other? and their talents will invigorate the 18 pieces which will be presented this autumn.

This festival is situated at the crossroads of the impressive presence of the Japanese masters Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu and Juju Alishina, and by the pioneers as Sylvia Hanff (Poland) and their young successors such as Tamara Pitzer from (Germany), Dominique Starck, Alyona Ageeva from( Russia), Marek Jason Isleib from (Italy) and Marl?ne Jöbstl from Spain(Spain).

The festival caravanserai of emotions and perception is anchored in the musical universe of David Fenech, Pierre Boeswillwald (pioneer of electroacoustic music who collaborated with Pierre Schaeffer), Vincent Laubeuf (director of Motus), and the tortuous compositions of Alexandre Bellenger, as well as on the minimalist sounds of Nicolas Marty.


This year?s edition of the festival will be hosted by Le Cube, which provides the space for presentations and workshops held by Elizabeth Damour, Maite Soler and Sylwia Hanff.

The festival is organised based on crowdfunding and own funds, without outside financial support.

Elizabeth Damour


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