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The Amareya Theatreis celebrating its 10th birthday this year. The artists are going to mark the occasion with three premieres, an art exhibition, a film screening, presentations of performances from the company’s repertoire and merrymaking with fans, friends, artists and family. To start off, on 25 October, the premiere of Katarzyna Pastuszak’s solo piece titled 2. Then, on 27 October, the premiere of the Amareya’s group performance directed by Dorota Androsz, Both presentations are taking place at Żak Club. The main celebrations are planned for 23-24 November at Winda Club in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz (GAK).


Katarzyna Pastuszak’s2 is a project about dialogue, becoming different in the face of difference, being in between one and the other, being one and the other at the same time. Its production marks the Amaraeya Theatre’s 10th anniversary and is part of Katarzyn Pastuszak’s project 33_33_33, embracing 33 performances and artistic actions taking place in the course of 365 days, staring on the artist’s birthday on 16 August 2013 and finishing on her birthday next year.

2– Katarzyna Pastuszak’s solo

Premiere:25 October 2013, Żak Club, Gdańsk

Concept, performance, texts, video: Katarzyna Pastuszak

Consultation: Agnieszka Kamińska, Aleksandra Śliwińska

Music: Joanna Duda


fetish.wtftries to explore fetish as an object of specific power, emanating senses, rich in primeval qualities and full of energy to influence and bind. fetish.wtfis also a journey for an object made through reflexes of fear, veneration or desire. fetish.wtfalso means to explore fetishisation of the body and gaze as an agent of the body’s objectification.

A performance by the Amareya Theatre directed by Dorota Androsz

Premiere:27 October 2013, Żak Club, Gdańsk

Directed by Dorota Androsz

Concept, performance, texts: Dorota Androsz, Agnieszka Kamińska, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Aleksandra Śliwińska

Music: Joanna Duda, Agnieszka Kamińska

Video: Jakub Gliniecki

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