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On Saturday, 21 January,Gdańsk?s Żak Klub (al. Grunwaldzka 195/197) will host a presentation of two pieces organised as part of the Tricity Dance Point. Beginning at 7 pm, the double bill will include Anna Haracz?s The white resonance and Andrzej Morawiec?s Deep dancing albo Andron R-ja, performed as Alan Bilmor presents (music: Aleksandra Bilińska, choreography and performance: Andrzej Morawiec).


About the pieces:


The white resonance


From the artist:

I once wrote, ?When we translate pain, suffering, unpleasant events, current problems, or nagging questions into an artistic language, we often transform them into something beautiful and valuable. The process of creation, whether it involves creating choreography, structuring improvisation, choosing costumes, or arranging dramatic tension, invariably involves mental transformations of events and emotions, feelings, memories that accompany them. Rehearsal after rehearsal, the focus on a given goal or theme transforms into meditative activity. Meditation in turn creates distance between the artist and their subject, enabling to see things anew from afar thanks to the process of change, i.e. transformation.

This is what this solo is about.

It is about the transformation of weakness into strength, dysfunction into assets, poverty into abundance…


Concept, choreography, dance: Anna Haracz

Music: Anna Haracz, tape collage

Costume: Anna Haracz

Lighting design: Anna Haracz

Production: Maria Muskat, DIITA  (Dance Is In The Air)


KINO VARIATINO Theatre,, e-mail:, tel. +48 502 298 770 



The title of Deep dancing is an attempt at an analogy with the notion of ?deep listening?. Proposed by Pauline Oliveros, the concept of deep listening involves intense immersion in the sea of sounds that surround us, and a conscious, subjective selection of those which are important to us at a given moment. Deep dancing is an attempt to transpose Oliveros?s sonic idea onto choreography.

The dancer?s surroundings ? apart from the space in which they physically move ? is also a soundscape. It is important to be alert to the actual relations between the dancer?s body and these two aspects. The idea is no novelty ? it was explored by Carl Orff and Rudolf von Laban, among others. At any moment, we may trigger off motion at several junctures of our body, simultaneously, and confer it with unexpected lines and shapes. One must focus on the body as a part of space, open it to the ?touch? of negative space. Within this method, dance possesses its own rhythm, contingent solely upon the physical properties of the body and breath. Generated this way, movement becomes autonomous, departs the position of subservience to music, assumes agency and determines its own expressive qualities. Music is transformed into a partner, soundscape, and a trigger for the dancer?s psycho-kinetic potential. As a result, the two domains harmonize and complement each other.


music: Aleksandra Bilińska, choreography and performance: Andrzej Morawiec

duration: 20 min.



Tickets (PLN 20) are available at the Klub Żak online store:

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