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Since 2009, the Residency/Premiere programme has been an inherent part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival. Thanks to the subsidies from the City of Gdańsk, the competition makes it possible to develop the projects of pieces selected in the course of the contest. This year?s edition of the programme features 40 projects (including 10 entries from abroad, 2 of which were submitted after the deadline). Below we publish the results of the call for entries for the February residency. The remaining participants in the project will be announced on 29 December 2017.


The winning entries were decided by the assessment committee comprised of: Agnieszka Fortenbach ? theatre curator, Maria Miotk ? theatre curator, and Magdalena Renk Grabowska ? director of Klub Żak, selected the following projects


Couple no. 1. – Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski

Throughout the two-week residency, the duo will work under the guidance of Goran Bogdanovski of Slovenia. Their piece will premiere on 25 February at Klub Żak.


Katarzyna Gorczyca is a graduate of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. She presented her pieces at the National Review of Contemporary Monodrama in Warsaw, Połczyn Dance Festival, ?3?2?1? DANCE!? Choreographic Competition in Kraków, and the Warsaw Dance Platform 2016 choreographic competition. A co-founder of the LineAct group, she has collaborated with director Brian Michaels. Since 2016, she has been actively involved with the Łódź-based Teatr Zamiast. She lives in Łódź, and she likes it.


Oskar Malinowski is an actor, dancer, and performer. A graduate of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, he has been awarded scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for artistic achievements. He develops auteur projects and collaborates with Komuna//Warszawa, Ochota Theatre in Warsaw, Teatr Zamiast in Łódź, Silesian Theatre in Katowice, and the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków.


Goran Bogdanovski is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and teacher working worldwide in the field of dance since 1989. He has developed his teaching methods over the last 25 years through extensive investigation and experience with a wide range of holistic and artistic disciplines. These range from Classical ballet to Martial arts, Contemporary dance, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Kundalini and Dynamic meditation, Contact and Theatre improvisation, as well as his own artistic experiences working on his own productions and collaborations with more than 70 choreographers and directors.



Apart from the Residency/Premiere programme, the organisers wish to remind everyone to follow the other events held as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival. The upcoming days will also see the announcement of the ?Solo Dance Contest 2018? competition.


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