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On Sunday, 25 October 2015 (7 pm), Gdańsk’s Klub Żak (al. Grunwaldzka 195/197) will premiere Nie mam nic do powiedzenia (I Have Nothing To Say) directed, performed, and choreographed by Joanna Nadrowska, Barbara Pędzich, Grażyna Słaboń, and Dorota Zielińska. The presentation takes place as part of the Tricity Dance Point.


About the piece:

We don?t ask to be eternal beings. We only ask that things do not lose all their meaning.?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


In 50 meters turn into St Corporation Street. Drive ahead. In 800 meters turn left into Vegan Exiles Street. Keep to the right. Take the second exit at the Barbell and Figure Roundabout. Drive along General Fit Street. In two kilometres, on Warsaw Bloggers Street, ask for feedback, buy hummus, take a gym selfie, get 20 likes. You have reached your destination ? you have nothing to say.


NIE MAM NIC DO POWIEDZENIA / Joanna Nadrowska, Barbara Pędzich, Grażyna Słaboń, Dorota Zielińska / Tricity Dance Point / premiere

directed, performed, and choreographed by Joanna Nadrowska, Barbara Pędzich, Grażyna Słaboń, Dorota Zielińska / stage and costumes: Magda Mucha, Sylwia Kowalczyk-Gajda / music: collage and mastering: Mariusz Noskowiak / 50 minutes /

Supported by the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk. 


Joanna Nadrowska  is a dancer and choreographer. She started out dancing folk, ballroom, and contemporary dance. In 2008 she became a certified dance instructor specialising in jazz dance, having completed a course under Piotr Galiński. She completed a BA programme for social and cultural animators and runs dance classes for children and youth in the dance schools of the Tricity. Since 2012 she has been dancing with the Sopot Dance Theatre (Wild Project, Traktat o estetyce. Technika defektów i skaz, Kwadrat wersja 6, Galop, Pan Owen, Transmisja, Puste Ciało. Okazja do malutkiej rozpaczy, 2 Twarze, Essentia). Together with Magdalena Wójcik, Joanna teaches dance under the auspices of the Sopot Dance Theatre, which allowed them to develop two dance pieces (Sprawiedliwośćfałszywa. Subiektywna rozprawa o wątpliwej niewinności, Kawa, papierosy i próby).                      


Grażyna Słaboń is a dancer and educator. She graduated from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, holds a degree in physiotherapy, and completed a post-graduate course in pedagogy at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. Since 2012, she has been dancing with the Sopot Dance Theatre.


Dorota Zielińska is a dance and choreographer. She co-founded the Dance Theatre of the University of Gdańsk led by Anna Rechlewska at the Academic Culture Centre. In 2008-2011 she was a dancer of the Baltic Dance Theatre, appearing in the theatre’s repertory shows, such as: Eurazja, Romeo and Juliet, Out4&4, Chopinart Sen, Tango life, Kilka krótkich sekwencji, The Nutcracker. She was involved in the creation of two pieces shown at the Gdańsk Dance Festiwal in 2010 and 2012: Tajemnicza śmierćNormy Baker (Miotk, Pędzich, Jurczyszyn, Zielińska) and PAT (Grabińska, Kondracki, Pędzich, Ośka, Zielińska). Since 2012, she is a regular collaborator of the Sopot Dance Theatre: she is involved in the programming, performs at numerous dance festivals, and takes an active part in the theatre’s life. She has contributed to the following projects: Wild Project, Traktat o estetyce. Technika defektów i skaz, Galop, Pan Owen, Puste ciało. Okazja do malutkiej rozpaczy, La Bayad?re. She performed in the theatre’s two repertory shows: Wariat i zakonnica, Natura.


Barbara Pędzich is a dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer. She started dancing at the age of 20. At first she practiced ballroom dancing, reaching the C dance class in Standard dances and B dance class in Latin-American dances. Next, she danced with the contemporary dance group Dash of Kętrzyn. She completed a culture animateur training college in Kalisz, specialising in contemporary dance. She danced with the Dance Theatre of the University of Gdańsk. She was involved in the following projects developed as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival: Nie deptaćtrawnika, Tajemnicza śmierćNormy Baker, PAT. Since May 2012, she has been collaborating with the Sopot Dance Theatre, performing in: Wild Project, Galop, Kwadrat. Wersja 6, Puste ciało. Okazja do malutkiej rozpaczy.



PLN 25 ? full price tickets

PLN 15 ? students* and holders of Karta do Kultury*

PLN 10 ? high school students*

PLN 5 ? holders of Karta Dużej Rodziny*

PLN 3 ? holders of Karta Tancerza*


* solely on presentation of a valid document when purchasing the ticket (1 ticket per document)

The tickets are valid for both performances.

Tickets, subscription cards, and bookings are handled at the Klub Żak ticket office, everyday from 3pm till 9 pm (Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm till 9pm; on those Saturdays and Sundays which feature presentations of performances for children, the ticket office opens 30 minutes ahead of the show).


Phone no.: 58 344 05 73 or 58 345 15 90 ? ext.117 / Payments for tickets and subscription cards may be done cash, by credit card or wire transfer upon arrangement with the ticket office.


Booking regulations:



Confirmed bookings for concerts, performances, and PC Drama should be collected within 5 days from the reservation date (unpaid bookings will be cancelled). Bookings may be paid by wire transfer upon arrangement with the Klub Żak ticket office. Bookings cannot be made for the final 10 tickets for a given show.


The number of tickets in a given pool is limited. Tickets and subscription cards are non-refundable. All prices are VAT-inclusive.

Spectators who are late for the show will not be allowed in the audience once the show begins, nor will they receive a refund for their tickets. Please show up on time.


The number of tickets to each performance is limited, the seats are numbered.

Klub Żak prohibits the recording of events on film and photo cameras. This refers to concerts, performances, film screenings and workshops. Klub Żak reserves the right to change its programme.

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