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On Sunday, 26 February (7 pm), Tatiana Kamieniecka will premiere her performance/installation NIEBO [HEAVEN] created as a result of a need for dialogue, communication and love. The presentation will be hosted by WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki in Gdańsk (ul. Wiosny Ludów 4). The piece attempts to conquer the misrepresentations created at the meeting point between humans and animals. It asks questions within the frame of differences separating animals from humans, but above all it is concerned with the similarities between them. It is a journey within, towards the self that misses the lost paradise of animalistic innocence. It is an attempt at an intimate communion between a human being and their inner animal, while at the same time drawing near to the feelings and sensitivity of the animal. The piece was choreographically developed in consultation with Iza Szostak. 


About the piece:

What do You think HEAVEN looks like? The Earth is a place inhabited by beings that tame, and beings that are tamed. How do humans see themselves in the eyes of the tamed? Are animals eager to examine their own reflection in the confident eyes of the homo sapiens?

Is this the Earth we dreamed of? One that pitches the civilized with the untamed, resulting in a master-slave relation?

What kind of knowledge is transmitted to us by what we call un-human, and what has existed on this Earth long before humans?


Concept, choreography, performance: Tatiana Kamieniecka

Live music, sound installation: Oleg Dziewanowski

Video: Kamila Chomicz

Text: Anna Elżbieta Kamieniecka

Choreographic consultation: Iza Szostak

Lighting desing: Tomasz Daniluk


Realised as part of the scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Stypendium z budżetu MKiDN (miniaturka)



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