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On Sunday, 1 March (7 pm) Gdańsk’s Club Żak (ul. Grunwaldzka 195/197) presents the premiere of the first piece developed as part of Residency/Premiere 2015, the residency programme for young choreographers. Pozostańmy in touch is a creation of the dancing trio of Julia Walkowiak, Daria Nowak, and Maja Grzeczka, who were coached by Gundula Peuthert. The artists will meet the audience after the show.


About the piece: People are connected to the web, that is how we obtain information, enter into relationships, organise our lives. Nowadays almost everybody handles most things on the Internet or by phone: that is how we communicate in important matters and about trivia. How does our psyche and our body react to this? Are we exposed to too many stimuli? Pozostańmy in touch [Let’s Stay In Touch] is a piece about a man’s real life in virtual reality. We’re all connected to the web, let stay in touch!




Walkowiak, Nowak & Grzeczka / premiere

Concept, choreography, performance: Julia Walkowiak, Daria Nowak, Maja Grzeczka / artistic collaborator: Gundula Peuthert / sound: Łukasz Bielawny / visualisations: Julia Walkowiak, Maja Barańska, Łukasz Matysiak / costume and stage design: Małgorzata Zelek/ premiere: 1 March 2015, Club Żak, produced as part of the 7th Gdańsk Dance Festival / 30 min.


Julia Walkowiak is a dancer who is continually looking for new paths in movement, focusing mainly on authentic movement and its application in dance theatre. She is also an emerging choreographer. She studies dance at the Poznan School of Social Sciences (Wyższa Szkoła Umiejętności Społecznych). She graduated from the Fouette Academy of Dance and the Culture Promoter Training Collage (PPSKAK) in Kalisz, and has taken part in several dance and theatre courses. She dances with Teatr Ruchu and Stało Się, a group she founded. Together with Stało Się Walkowiak has organised two dance festivals in Pobiedziska and Gliwice, Poland. She works as a teacher and choreographer with Teatr Tańca in Pobiedziska, a theatre for children and young people, where she developed the performance Zaczarowana zima (Winter Wonderland). She has worked with Divadlo Continuo, Paweł Passini, and Witold Jurewicz.


Daria Nowak is a dancer, street performer, and third-year student of dance at The Poznan School of Social Sciences. She has taken part in several dance workshops, and was involved in a range of productions coordinated by Polish and international teachers. She is an experienced dance instructor, especially skilled in working with children. She is a dancer and choreographer with Poznań’s dance show Dance And Art.


Maja Grzeczka is a dancer and dance student at The Poznan School of Social Sciences and hones her skills participating in various dance workshops. She works with Natalia Draganik and is a long-time dancer of Monika Leśko-Mikołajczyk’s Teatr Ruchu. She teaches contemporary dance to the youngest ones.


Gundula Peuthert is a German choreographer, stage director, and teacher. She studied dance in Leipzig as well as choreography and stage directing at the  Palucca School and the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin, where she subsequently taught choreography and improvisation. In 1991?96 she was a dancer and choreographer with the Freies Tanztheater Berlin, then joined the ballet company of the Voglandtheaters Plauen, whose artistic director she subsequently became. In 2006?2011 she led the Tanztheaters Görlitz, and the festivals Interface and TanzArtFestival Görlitz.



Regular: PLN 25 / University students* and holders of Karta do Kultury:* PLN 15 / Pupils* and senior citizens: PLN 10 / Holders of Karta Dużej Rodziny*: PLN 5 / Holders of Karta Tancerza*: PLN 3


* You will be asked to present the document entitling you to a discount at the box office. One document entitles you to buy one discounted ticket.


One ticket entitles you to enter two performances.




Please collect booked tickets within 5 days of receiving a confirmation of the reservation. You may arrange with Club Żak to pay by bank transfer. Ten last places for each performance are not up for booking. The box office does not accept ticket returns. The Number of discount tickets of each category is limited. All prices include VAT. Seats are numbered. Recording or photographing is not allowed during performances (except for accredited photographers).

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