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On Tuesday, 27 June (9 pm), Marta Kosieradzka will present her solo piece The doubts and reflections of Eve at Museo d?Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce. The presentation will take place as part of the Fuori Formato Festival. The doubts and reflections of Eve was inspired by Adam Zagajewski?s poem Try to praise the mutilated world. The theme of the performance is the contrast between the incredible beauty of the world and its brutality and sadness. Can we celebrate and praise life and at the same time be aware of the evil character of it? Apart from the poem, the inspiration for the piece was drawn from story of Eve, a strong female character  that appears in the scriptures of Christianity and Islam,  as well as its interpretations in painting, film and music. Human nature strives for beauty, peace, and pleasure, while also seeking to strike a balance between the good and evil. Eve desired to pick the fruit so that she could make independent decisions on what was good and evil, and be able to feel and experience the world to the fullest. The constant temptation to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil continues to propel human actions. How can one live in the world where shocking and revolting evil interlaces with staggering beauty? Can one fully celebrate the beauty of the world if one cannot compare it with its polar opposite. Were humans forever marked, stained with evil, so that they could fully relish and delight in each passing moment?


The doubts and reflections of Eve won the first prize at the Warsaw Dance Platform 2016 choreographic contest. It also served as a basis for the eponymous dance film directed by Eva Campos Suarez of Spain.


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