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On Saturday, 17 October Lea Kieffer will lead Sci Fi Anatomy workshop, which will be followed by The Reading Room hosted by Peter Player and Agnes Benoit. Grand re Union October edition will be live streamed via Grand re Union Facebook page and ZOOM.  


2 PM / live streamed on Grand re Union FB page

Lea Kieffer / Sci Fi Anatomy workshop


This workshop focuses on creating a dialogue between the bodily material and the sea of our thoughts and imagination. This dialogue will be created through movement, sounds and words and working with casual epic-ness, craftsmanship of the body and magic.

This will be a guided somatic trip, in which the content slides from anatomical references onto the slippery slope of science fiction ? with no holding back. We use bodywork and storytelling as tools to inspect our narratives of touch (what we touch, how we touch) and our ways of imagining the body and our physical sensations. Contradiction, otherness and diversity can cohabit, and our realities can melt, shape, reshape and melt again. If reality is a fiction, can we make our fictions a reality?


? Make the space cosy (Blanket and warm clothes) and make sure you can move around a bit (2?4 m2 is enough) more is also good! ?

? Have a notebook or some paper and pens handy (different colors and textures are great)



4-6.30 PM / Zoom link will be announced on Facebook and 

The Reading Room / hosted by Peter Pleyer and Agnes Benoit (?books on the move?)

Agnes Benoit from ?books on the move? and Peter Pleyer invite you to a reading and listening room.


In the first part they will present and read from books that are meaningful to them,
from the past and the present  ? for the future.


In the second part you are invited to share a reading from a book or a magazine with the group.

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