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The solo performance Dominique choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński and performed by Dominik Więcek was selected for the jubilee 30th edition of the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover, Germany. The competition will be held on 11?12 June 2016 at the Theater am Aegi (Aegidientorplatz 2).


This year?s event hosts 20 presentations from Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary, China, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Columbia and Israel, and one from Poland.


So far, Dominique has won audience awards at the 20th International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival in Stuttgart in 2016, 1st prize in the Choreographic Competition of the Warsaw Dance Platform in 2015, and 2nd prize and an audience award at the International Solo Dance Contest in Gdańsk in 2015.


About the performance


The word feminism needs to be reclaimed in a way that is inclusive of men.


Dominique, a piece danced by Dominik Więcek, a sleek and slender young man, looks at the concepts of manhood and womanhood, at their liquid and arbitrary nature. His body, put in a socio-political context, turns into Her body, serving as a battlefield for the cultural concepts of gender.


Dominique is a coherent and well-thought-out performance that carefully and often humorously analyses the concepts of manhood and womanhood, their liquid and arbitrary nature. ? Mirosław Baran


Dominique is a powerful political and social statement marked by consistency in all respects, from movement composition and means of stage expression to the selection of performer. Presented in a multi-dimensional way, it appeals also to non-professional audiences. ? Hanna Raszewska


Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński

Dance: Dominik Więcek

Quotes ? text: Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Patricia Arquette

Quotes ? movement: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Graham, Lea Anderson, Isadora Duncan

Music: Parov Stelar All Night


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