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We are pleased to inform you that ?Morgunbladid? [Mogunbla?i?], one of the main dailies published in Iceland,has named Liminal developed by Karol Tymiński (choreographer, one of performers) for Iceland Dance Company one of five best Icelandic dance performances of 2015. Iceland Dance Company is a national Icelandic dance group. The performance premiered in February 2015.


Liminal is a performance inspired by the middle stage of transition. When the previous status no longer holds and the new one hasn?t been constructed. A stage of ambiguity, confusion and great intensity.


The dancer is the material for artistic creation, which s/he constructs and destructs. Fluctuating between reality and spirituality, sacred and profane in a ritual-like act.

choreography:  Karol Tymiński
performers: Thyri Huld Bernadett, Hannes ?ór Egilsson, Asgeir Helgi Halla ?ór?ardóttir, Karol Tymiński
music: Valdimar Johannsson
costume design: Agnieszka Baranowska

produced by: Iceland Dance Company

Developed on a commission of the Iceland Dance Company


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