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The Lublin Dance Theatre is continuing the project “direction – east, station – dance”, which aims at showcasing Polish choreography in selected countries of the Eastern Partnership: Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. At each station the programme includes: presentation of the dance piece “All stories which we have not told before” by the Lublin Dance Theatre (LTT); workshops designed and led by LTT dancers; improvised performance actions involving local artists; and a talk and discussion on Polish dance, presenting the operations and achievements of leading contemporary dance companies and centres on Poland.


On 16-19 April the LTT will show “All stories which we have not told before” (choreography: Simone Sandroni) and a performance action called “music ? vision ? movement” in Kiev as part of the Contemporary Dance Festival Zelyonka Fest LTT. What is more, members of the LTT will lead contemporary dance workshops. The programme will conclude with a talk by Grzegorz Kondrasiuk and Ryszard Kalinowski, ending with a discussion. The festival is taking place at Bravo Theatre.


Station: Kiev, April 2015

“All stories which we have not told before” (a dance piece)


Four persons tell their stories with words, images, body and movement, in silence, disregarding the consequences. Four different personalities, too close to one another, both in terms of time and space, infused with one another, fight for attention and intimacy. Irritated like at a family dinner on Sunday, they want to find a story they have not told before.

“Dance in Poland: the inner life?(talk/discussion)

Grzegorz Kondrasiuk (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin), Ryszard Kalinowski (Lublin Dance Theatre)

Polish Dance Platform 2014 has shown how diverse Polish dance now is: in therm of styles, techniques, approaches to tradition, themes, geographical location, links with Europe and the world, as well as organisation models. Using fragments of pieces presented at the Platform as illustration, the talk give an overview of major factors (artistic and organisational) that shape Polish dance today, giving it its interdisciplinary and international quality.

“music – vision – movement” (a performance action)
Music & video: Dariusz Kociński


Contemporary dance workshops:
Lublin Dance Theatre: Beata Mysiak, Wojtek, Kaproń, Ryszard Kalinowski


More information on the festival’s website:


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