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Who are workers nowadays? What do they have in common with the employees of the pre-war Tabačka in Kosice or the Gdańsk shipyard workers? What do they desire, what do they yearn for? To what extent does labor impact one?s identity, build local communities, and helps deconstruct them later on?


These questions are contemplated by the authors of the dance performance ?Heart Factory.? On the centenary of Polish Independence, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute alongside Ula Zerek, Rafał Dziemidok, Adam Świtała, and Ewa Garniec have developed a dance piece on the phenomenon of postindustrial spaces in Central Europe.


The authors of ?Heart Factory? examine the ways in which the history of factories and their workers, followed by the active presence of artists, help describe the role of an individual in a community, and that of a community entangled in global economic processes that take place regardless of the will and impact of those who participate in them, i.e. all of us.


The first vital factory, and a starting point for the project, is the Gdańsk Shipyard. To many, the plant has become a symbol of change and struggle for freedom, while also acting as a workplace and home to many artists since the turn of the century. A similar process is currently taking place in Kosice at the former tobacco factory Tabačka ? currently Tabačka Kulturfabrik ? which will host the authors of the project later on this year.


The eponymous ?Heart Factory? is comprised of people involved in production processes, Workers who breathe life into the production plant. It was them who, for years, have set the machines in motion and given the factory its pulse: often invisible but always palpable. Years later, it is artists who follow in their footsteps and continue their mission.


The point of departure for ?Heart Factory? is the experience gained, and observations made, in Gdańsk and Kosice, therefore the project is comprised of artists from Poland and Slovakia. The premiere will take place on 14 September 2018 at the Tabačka centre in Kosice. Repeat presentations will be held in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.


?Heart Factory is a large-scale dance project, a rarity in Poland. I hope that its dance will resonate intensely with the audience. Whether one perceives it as a visual experience or a performative event, emotional response is key to the reception of the piece. We will deem the project successful if the audience feels that they have experience a part of history,? says Ula Zerek, the dramaturge and coordinator of the project.


?Heart Factory? has been developed as a collaboration between Rafał Dziemidok (choreography), Ula Zerek (dramaturgy), Ewa Garniec (lighting), and Adam Świtała (music). This Adam Mickiewicz Institute production has been supported by its partner institutions, the European Solidarity Center, Tabačka Kulturfabrik, and Fundacja Polka dot.



The project has been implemented as part of the international cultural programme POLSKA 100, coordinated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and realised within the frame of the Multiannual Programe NIEPODLEGŁA 2017?2021. The POLSKA 100 programme presents the landmark achievements of Polish culture in the past one hundred years which have continued to inspire artists and audiences worldwide. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the Multiannual Programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2021.


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choreography: Rafał Dziemidok

dramaturgy: Ula Zerek, Zuzanna Psotkova

music: Adam Świtała

lighting design: Ewa Garniec

costumes: Joanna Jurga

photo-video realisation: Tomek Zerek/Bartosz Mikołajczyk

starring: Miriam Budzakova, Artur Grabarczyk, Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Adam Kuza, Piotr Stanek, Anna Steller, Krystyna Szydłowska, Katarzyna Ustowska, Jozef Valo

production: Adam Mickiewicz Institute; project partners: European Solidarity Centre, Tabacka Kulturfabrik (Slovakia), Fundacja Polka dot.

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