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On 29 and 30 May (6:30 pm) the Kraków Opera (ul. Lubicz 48) will host the premiere of Emocje (Emotions), a ballet bill composed of works by three established Polish choreographers: Violetta Suska, Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć, and Jacek Tyski. Violetta Suska has already collaborated with the ballet company of the Kraków Opera on many occasions, including the ballet Mały Lord (based on the novel Little Lord Fauntleroy) by Steve Markwick and numerous dance miniatures shown, for example, at the Grand Pas?! ballet gala. Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć has choreographed Johann Strauss’s The Gypsy Baron, Richard Strauss’s Ariadne on Naxos, and Sergei Prokofiev’s The Love for Three Oranges. Jacek Tyski is working with the ballet of the Kraków Opera for the first time.


The show is tale of emotions, feelings, and human relations told using the language of dance. The first part ? Mirror in a Mirror by Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć ? is an intimate choreography set to Arvo Pärt’s contemplative, subtly metaphysical music. The piece explores the emotions of a person looking at their reflection in the mirror when trying to decide whether to remain where they are or take a step forward. In the second part ? ?gdzie tkwiąnagie gwiazdy?(?where naked stars are stuck?) by Violetta Suska ? set to Johannes Brahms (fragments of Violin Concerto in D major, Violin Sonata in G major, Serenade No. 2 and Intermezzo in A major Op. 118) the we will see ballet miniatures investigating loneliness, passion, bereavement, and love’s difficult choices. Set to Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, the third part ? Uwertura Żołnierza (A Soldier’s Overture) by Jacek Tyski ? is an expressive and emotionally charged story of two men fighting for a woman. In the final part ? ?z niezapisanego dziennika?(?from an unwritten diary?) ? Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć uses Krzysztof Penderecki’s music (String Quartet No. 3) to discuss intimate relations and bonds between people.


Performed by soloists of the Ballet of the Kraków Opera: Agnieszka Chlebowska, Gabriela Kubacka, Mizuki Kurosawa, Robert Kędziński, Yauheni Raukuts, Yauheni Yatskievich, Dzmitry Prokharau, and the company.


Choreography: Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć, Violetta Suska, Jacek Tyski

Set and costume design: Anna Sekuła

Lighting: Marcin Nogas

Choreographers’ assistants: Elena Korpusenko, Victor Korpusenko

Stage managers: Justyna Jarocka-Lejzak, Magdalena Wąsowska




tel. +48 12 296 62 62 (63)

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