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Małgorzata Haduch presents another Free The Dance showcase of dance and live music. Come to Kraków’s Alchemia (ul. Estery 5) on 20 January at 8 pm to listen to music by Wiktor Krzak, Michał Bromboszcz and Patryk Zakrocki, and see dancers Paweł Konior, Basia Bujakowska and Małgorzata Haduch.

The series Free The Dancewas launched by Małgorzaty Haduch & Unfinished Company to bring together improvising musicians and dancers. To date, the series has featured such outstanding musicians as Michael Zerang, Rafał Mazur, Dominik Strycharski, Arvind Ganga and Paulina Owczarek, along with great dancers in the person of Lori Duncan, Maria Mavridou and Manuela Tessi. The improvisation style conceived by Małgorzata Haduch is purely original, and cannot be pigeonholed as any dance or performance form of today. The Danceis inspired by free jazz and the idea of DIY; it is a passionate manifesto that brings down barriers between different performance forms and frees contemporary improvised dance from many stereotypes it is ridden with.



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