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Vera Montero?s workshops for dancers and choreographers, held by the Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences, or the RMNSC, and the Institute of Music and Dance in the frame of Dance Moves Cities, an international project implemented by the RMNSC, New Theatre Institute of Latvia and Indisciplinarte (Terni, Italy) are drawing to the end. The workshops started on 30 June and will finish on 12 July. The outcome will be presented to the public at the upcoming 39th RMNSC on 4-12 October .  


Participants of the Dance Moves Cities workshops play the role of artistic partners and local guides to the visiting choreographers, introducing them to the city and collaborating on performances to be shown to the public after each session. The laboratory consists of three workshop sessions, each lasting for a few weeks and concluding with a public performance. Dance Moves Cities will culminate in Riga in September 2014 when dancers from Kraków, Riga and Terni meet to create the final performance as one of the events of the European Culture Capital programme. Finally, the participants will come down to Poland to create their own pieces.


Vera Mantero (Portugal) studied classical dance with Anna Mascolo and worked with Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon. She began to create her own choreographies in 1987, and since 1991 has been showing her solos and group performances across Europe, in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, and the USA. She teaches composition and creation in Portugal and abroad.


Dance Moves Cities is a two-year (2013-2014) artistic and educational project implemented by the Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences, New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Riga, Latvia) and Indisciplinarte (Terni, Italy). Its idea is to develop the potential of local artists, establish contacts between the three cities? dance communities, explore places that may in the future become places for dance, and raise popular awareness of contemporary dance. Dance Moves Cities is a regular choreographic laboratory run by ?choreographers-residents? invited to take part in the project.


Supported by the European Commission?s Culture Programme.

 EU Kultura 2- międzynarodowe (miniaturka)


Co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.


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