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This year’s Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences are taking place on 16-20 October. The event’s leading motif is Parallel Worlds, and contemporary dance is again a permanent fixture on the programme. The dance module’s curators are Dominika Knapik and Wojciech Klimczyk.On the festival’s first day, 16 October, Austrian artist Ann Kaler, known to Polish audiences thanks to her appearance during the Old Brewery New Dance showcase at Malta Festival 2013, will present her choreography INSIGNIFICANT OTHERS (learning to look sideways), which creates a mysterious space where three bodies move violently. On 18 October the festival’s audience will have a chance to see Dance Moves Cities, a project conceived by choreographer Philippe Blanchard, former dancer of the Nederlands Dans Theater, Batsheva Dance Company and Cullberg Ballet, as well as co-founder of ADEKWHAT.Dance Moves Citiesis an international educational project addressed to young dance artists of Kraków, Poland; Riga, Latvia; and Terni, Italy. Laboratories concluding in performance presentations are meant to help emerging artists develop their own language of expression and enrich the dance life in their towns. Later in the evening, Breath Made Visible, a film about Anna Halprin, directed by Ruedi Gerber, will be shown. It is the first feature film documenting the life and career of the American contemporary dance pioneer, inspiring teacher and experimental improviser. On 19 October Professor Jerzy Vetulani, Mikołaj Trzaska and Leszek Bzdyl will take part in an extraordinary meeting of science, dance and music MIND–BODY.

On the last day, the festival will feature Harakiri Farmers’ DZOE, a solo danced by Dominika Knapik, inspired by the concept of bare life taken from Giorgio Agamben’s Homo sacer, and a tricky duo by Alexandra BachzetsisA Piece Danced Alone, where two identically dressed dancers share identical life stories with the audience, dancing with a similar passion to popular songs, and imitating each other’s movements. This is an intricate play of repetitions that blurs the differences in identity.

Detailed information about the events:

An KalerINSIGNIFICANT OTHERS (learning to look sideways)

Dance Moves Cities

Ruedi Gerber’sBreath Made Visible, a film about Anna Halprin

Professor Jerzy Vetulani/ Mikołaj Trzaska/ Leszek BzdylMIND–BODY

Alexandra BachzetsisA Piece Danced Alone

Harakiri FarmersDZOE

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