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The Polish Dance Theatre has announced the names of those qualified for the 1st stage of the competition for the development of a premiere as part of The Year of Gods.


The jury made up of:


1) Iwona Pasińska ? director of the Polish Dance Theatre, president of the Jury,

2) Adriana Mikołajczak ? deputy director,

3) Anna Królica ? curator and programming coordinator,

4) Ewelina Chatłas ? manager ? production specialist,

5) Andrzej Kryczka ? specialist for the dissemination of performances,

6) Mateusz Fabiś ? multimedia specialist,

7) Anna Koczorowska ? PR specialist,


selected two premiere concepts for the 2nd stage of evaluation


1)      No more tears ? directed by: Iwo Vedral, choreographed by: Krystyna Lama-Szydłowska, music composed by: Dawid Dąbrowski, visuals and costumes: Karolina Jacewicz and Agnieszka Majkutewicz;


2) Objawienia [Revelations]  ? directed by: Robert Drobniuch, choreographed by Karolina Garbacik, music: Jerzy Bielski, stage design Katarzyna Proniewska-Mazurek, video: Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, dramaturgical collaboration: Anna Andraka.


The idea of the programme of The Year of Gods at the Polish Dance Theatre focuses on divine issues, figures, and symbols, in which the divinity of phenomena/figures is understood as custom or acclamation, social recognition or self-recognition. 2018 ? The Year of Gods is another instalment in the current programme (2016-2020) of the Polish Dance Theatre, whose slogan ?Polski/wielko-polski? aims to glorify Polish art.


The project provisions that the premiere piece will be included in the permanent repertoire of the Polish Dance Theatre and featured in the company?s presentations in Poland and abroad. The premieres will be accompanied by artist talks and academic panel organized in collaboration with scholars affiliated with Poznań academic centres.


The interviews with the finalists will take place on 29 January. The selected piece will premiere in mid-June 2018.


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