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Over the course of the current 18th edition of International Dance Theatres Festival (10-12 November  2014) in Lublin we will make an attempt to analyse the national dance platform, events that are regularly organised not only in countries with rich dance history (i.e. Germany, Portugal, Italy) but also in those with less abundant contemporary dance heritage (i.e. Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania). A big role in choosing such a theme for this year’s edition has been played by an unusual co-occurrence ? this time our Festival is going to be preceded by the Polish Dance Platform, which we have a great pleasure to co-organise along with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.


Especially intriguing in this context seems to be the question of legitimacy and organisational perspectives of national dance platforms ? when national and cultural boundaries are getting less and less defined, particularly in the European setting. Such questions are going to be asked to the invited artists representing selected foreign platforms, and to their curators who are responsible for outlining programmes of those events. It is going to be exceptionally compelling to confront Polish practice with that of our foreign guests.


The Lublin Dance Theatre was working on the programme of the Festival for a whole year, establishing and strengthening cooperation between dance centres and curators of particular platforms by participating in national platform gatherings all around the world in order to select for the Festival high quality presentations that are best suited for representing their specific country. All of the events comprising the programme of the 18th edition of International Dance Theatres Festival are designed to provide intensive, diverse and, most of all, tangible support for the art of dance in Poland and Europe as well as an inspiration for the development of creative talents, competence, and interests of the Festival’s guests.


But we’re also aiming for something more, a goal that can not be reached by any singular Festival, not even one of the highest standards. We are striving to create a firm relationship between individual dance centres in Europe, especially those that are engaged in the organisation of national dance platforms. The Lublin Festival wishes to present artistic dance in an easily accessible form and maximally audience-friendly conditions. In that regard, an important role will be played by educational events but also some of the more out-of-the-box attractions that are going to take place during the Festival, such as open rehearsals or ?night talks? with artists, when those grand, at first glimpse inaccessible, figures will become more familiar and, because of that, even more intriguing.


The festival will be accompanied with a programme of workshops, taking place on 9?11 November 2014.









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