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On Tuesday 7 June 2016, a press conference of the 21st Theatre Confrontations festival was held. This year, the event will take place on 6?15 October. Curators Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske say that the festival will present works of artists who offer new, fascinating theatre languages, and for years have consistently shaped their own ways of understanding theatre, attracting numerous followers.


The programme includes two projects with the participation of Agata Siniarska. One of them, created in collaboration with Madalina Dan, is a continuation of the Identity. Move!, realised by the East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) in Lublin in 2013 and 2014. The project is co-produced by the Old Brewery New Dance in Poznań programme run by Joanna Leśnierowska. Siniarska will also co-create USLAND, a piece about Leonard Z., an artist of Polish descent who settled in Iceland. While looking for traces of Leonard, we must watch our steps as sometimes we might blur the existing traces. The work is a co-production of the Goethe Institute and the Culture Centre in Lublin (Theatre Confrontations) realised for the Tauschen und Teilen cultural symposium in Weimar in 2016. The project was created within the Neighbours residency programme run by the Theatre Confrontations.


The 1a collective will present last season?s hit Dolphin_who_loved_me, a performance inspired by the 1960s NASA-financed experiment by John C. Lilly, which attempted to teach dolphins English and involved dolphin Peter who fell in love with Margaret Howe Lovatt.


Ivo Dimchev, an artist who works at the intersection of dance, music, video and performance, will present a compilation of his major works. Dimchev describes human relationships, and the relative character of cultural sex as opposed to biological sex. Since the beginning of his career, Dimchev has included live performances of songs and opera arias in his pieces.


Apart from dance and performance projects, the programme will feature Gob Squad (War and Peace based on Lev Tolstoy?s novel) and the icon of American queer performance Penny Arcade, who delighted festival audience last year. This year, she will present Longing Last Longer. Other performances include TR Warszawa project Ewelina Is Crying by Anna Karasińska, with Marta Ziółek?s choreography; Microtheatre project by Komuna//Warszawa; and performances by Polski Theatre from Bydgoszcz, Dramatyczny Theatre from Wałbrzych, and others.


More on the festival in the curator?s text by Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske:








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