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From 30 September to 11 October Lublin is hosting another artist-in-residence participating in “maat festivalborder line 2013”, an all-year-round programme dedicated to soloist dancers. This time the guest is Barbara Bujakowska, dancer and choreographer, who authored a very-well received piece 3D-ance. Here is what she said about her work at Maat Studio in Lublin:

ID-ance is in a way a follow-up on the idea that accompanied me when I worked on 3Dance with composer Marcin Janus in 2009. This time round the piece is going to be based on pure movement, performed here and now, representing nothing but itself. One of my inspirations for the piece has been Romeo Castellucci’s claim that “Art can give us a break from looking under duress. An experience which has nothing to convey, is only an act of looking and contemplating.”

Idea, choreography, dance: Barbara Bujakowska
Music: Igor Stravinsky

As part of the residency, on 7 October (7 pm) at Maat Studio Barbara Bujakowska is going to talk about dance and its current condition in Poland. The conversation will be recorded for Patrycja Płanik’s documentary, which will be screened in December 2013 at the 5th Maat Festival. This time, following the artist’s wish, the conversation will not be open to the public, but the recording will be available at the theatre’s archives as of December 2013.

On 10 October (7 pm) Barbara Bujakowska is going to conduct Lesson 7 at Maat Studio (Cultural Centre of Lublin). To participate, please register at

Barbara Bujakowskais a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Kraków. She was born in 1983 in nearby Proszowice. She studied dance at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, Austria, and completed a preparatory course at SEAD Salzburg. Preceding that, she studied at the Ballet Studio of the Kraków Opera and trained sport gymnastics. She was awarded a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2009. She was member of the Kraków-based Hoplaa, being involved in a number of the group’s independent video dance productions. Her ironic Swan_like, drawing on the style of German Tanztheater, won a prize in Polish public TV broadcaster’s competition “Dolina Kreatywna” [Creative Valley] in 2008. Also in 2008, as part of the Solo Project residency programme in Poznań, she created, together with musician Marcin Janus, Movement Modular Synthesis, a solo inspired by electronic music and the workings of analogue sound synthesisers. She continued her formal explorations verging on movement and music in 3D-ance, presented at the Polish Dance Platform in 2010. Bujakowska has also danced for Nigel Charnock in Happy!, produced by the Art Stations Foundation, and in towarzystwo gimnastyczne’s Nic.

In her labs, abstract projects and pieces of a decisively more “theatrical” character, such as Swan_like or the Charnock work, Bujakowska has managed to work out a distinctive style, based on a rare combination of distance, a comic sense, and analytical approach to form. Currently, Bujakowska is member of the Krakow-based studio Hurtownia Ruchu, where she runs classes on contemporary dance. She is considered one of the most interesting young Polish dancers.

MAATFESTIVAL‚ border-line’ 2013

Idea/conception: Tomasz Bazan (programme’s curator)
Multimedia/video: Patrycja Płanik
Production: :Maria Sapeta
Technical support: Maciej Połynko, Karol Rębisz
Cooperation: Barbara Szymańska, Małgorzata Drozd, Maciej Rukasz, Dominika Płanik, Matylda Chmielewska, Małgorzata Bartkiewicz, Ksenia Duńska

Maat Festival, curated by Tomasz Bazan, is financed by the Culture Centre in Lublin and the Maat Projekt Theatre.

Honorary patrons: Mayor of Lublin and Marshall of the Lublin Province
Media patrons:,
Supported by: CAFFE SPÓŁDZIELNIA Lublin, Hotel VICTORIA Lublin, Dom Żołnierza Lublin

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