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Lublin Dance Theatre and Joe Alter are in the process of creation in Lublin. To develop the movement material and the choreographic structure of the In/Out/On/Off (working title) project the Theory of Social Systems is being used as a tool for exploring, broadening and sculpting the choreographic form. Choreographer Joseph Alter (USA), together with the artists from Lublin Dance Theatre and guests (the Polish dancer Mikołaj Karczewski was invited to take part in the production), want to talk about the way contemporary people are entangled in the increasingly multiplied network of SYSTEMS. Lublin Dance Theatre dancers decided to use their complex identity of a self-regulating organism/system, which has been functioning continuously in its present composition since 2004, to meet again on stage and this time, under the choreographic guidance of Joe Alter, develop a choreographic structure able to speak critically and maturely on social issues that have a significant impact on all people living in the 21st century societies.


 Lublin Dance Theatre and Joe Alter will treat the SYSTEM as a coherent conglomerate of organised units composed of internally interdependent elements. Each unit is at the same time an individual system and a part of other systems. They are all interdependent. The project aims at discovering such features of the systems as: dynamics, limitations, conditions.


The main theme of this choreographic system will be the organisation of interpersonal relations. Aleksander Kościów, who is not only an outstanding Polish composer but also an educated ethnographer, was invited to create the musical score for the performance. The project aims at colliding different perspectives rooted in dance, music and social sciences, in order to find a synthesis of ideas of all the artists involved in the project.


Project outline:

Phase I: 12 ? 18 May 2019

Phase II: 29 July ? 20 August 2019

Phase III: 6 ? 12 November 2019


The project will have its premiere on 12 November 2019 during the 23. Lublin International Dance Theatres Festival.

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